Saturday, November 24, 2012

At least..

Still headache about my mono-drama lines... But AT LEAST.. I've done on one thing !!

Hey.. guess what.. I just done reading THAT novel !! And the ending was........ aaaaah.. heart melting.. I've gone through lots of love stories but this one is simply different.. All thanks to Alexander Potter.. the writter for Don't You Forget Me.. Its a story for all the girls who wishes that she never met him.. And yes !! Its suitable to read it when you are dealing with a broken hear.. To all heart breaker out there.. I'll definitely recommended THIS novel to you girls !! It really will change your perception about the guy that you once madly in love with and all you would wish is for a second chance to make things right or even erase and delete and terminate and all the above on those silly crazy memories of yours but on the other hand you thinking that it's not worth it to think about him as your life must still go on with or without him and finally come to an amaze that you can actually life happily WITHOUT him !! It motivates A LOT !! And it REALLY helps !!

Hey Hey Hey.. Don't get me wrong.. I'm not dealing with this situation right now ok.. I was.. But not now.. I actually bought this novel right after I broke up with him.. cz the title and synopsis truly caught my attention.. But I didn't mange to read it during that time.. well.. you know.. busy lying around in bed flashing back stuff that we gone through together.. then.. Well.. when thinking about that.. I would just called himself 'lucky" as I didn't have the mood to noveling during that time.. Or else.. I'll surely be posting lots and lost of crazy motivated stuff which will surely made him feel wrong for leaving me JUST like that.. Hahahahha.. Ok.. I'm completely insane now.. Blueeekkk.. Who cares..

An advice for me to all the girls out there.. Stop trying to change yourself for the one YOU LOVE.. Because there will be SOMEONE out there who will just LOVE YOU for who you are.. Be you and just only YOU !! My point? Hehehe.. Be true to yourself.. :)

A quotes of myself --> Life won't let you lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself.. Life goes on and on.. And bare in mind that we are making new memories everyday.. So enjoy life to the fullest !! >.<

Responsibilities.... F !!

Hi all.. Here I am.. Again.. Staying up all alone while the rest are snuggling in their beds having their sweetest dream in the universe.. Still keeping my fingers dancing gracefully on the keyboard expressing something just to ease out the pity heart of mine.. 

Yes !! im gonna talk about responsibilities.. For those who don't know me.. im actually dedicated towards all my work since secondary school (im such a loser in my primary, that explains everything i guess) till now.. Yea.. But my inner is actually rebel.. sometimes.. But what to do.. When people around you expect you to come out with some sort of brilliant ideas that will 'wooooaaaaaaaaa' the whole school.. You just HAVE TO do it.. And on the other hand, some might just expect you to screwed everything up into a mess so that the whole wide world will be 'boo-ing' at you and you might probably thinking of running around the school with your faced covered with paper bags and hope that no one recognized you but actually does.. Thinking of that.. You surely don't want to make things upside down.. In that case.. You just HAVE TO do it right !! Headache huh.. Yea.. I was expecting that !! And now.. im facing a huge responsible during my honeymoon holiday and its the WORSE thing that ever happened to me !! It just simply RUIN my holidays !! 

Mono-drama.. Owh yes.. Im all in love with my world of theater of course.. But hey !! Memorizing the script during the holiday is not gonna work on ME !! Okay?? Read my lips.. ITS NOT GONNA WORK !! Im all alone.. No proper practice.. No proper guidance.. No proper encouragement.. Just you all alone struggling to remember every lines on the paper.. And at the end of the day you are going to perform it on stage ALONE !! Why? YES !! Its called MONO-DRAMA right !! So its MONO !! SINGLE !! ALONE !! Plus its not a simple on stage and off stage performance.. Its a COMPETITION !! Now it scares you does it? Well tell you what.. It scares me MORE !! 

Then why am i agree to join it at the first place? Hahahaha... That's the point.. It's not actually my responsibility... It's her job.. She said she want it.. And we (includes me) agrees to join it to support her.. But in the end she was telling that she has this family trip and want me to replace her.. Am i blaming her?? Owh.. Yes ?? No ?? Maybe.. Well i don't know !! Its not right pointing your fingers on others.. Plus it's not the point now.. The focus here is i MUST (no other option) take this responsibility..

When is it? Ah'ha !! That's a good question.. So guess what.. It's this coming 28th im talking about and its 4 days from now !! And well.. im going off on the 25th and that makes me even worry because....... i never even think about the costumes.. the lighting.. the props.. and of course the MAKE UP !! Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh !! Ok lets put it this way.. I've got the audio (but i haven't practice with it.... yet) E'ein is working on the lighting (so i'll cut it off from my list) I'm gonna find my costume by.... well.. lets see... just TOMORROW... And the makeup? (owh yea.. ecah will be going too.. so.. relieve? hmm.. hope so) GOSH !! Props??!!! Fine.... I don't think i'll need it.. Just the help from the costumes and the lights will do.. I hate thinking everything on my own when i actually.... to be telling you that.... i almost.... well to be honest..... I HAVEN"T ACTUALLY REMEMBER MY LINES............... Yes..... I'm such a failure....... Hi-5 to myself  !! :(

And still.. Here i am.. sitting down here blaming this and blaming that and didn't even have the urge to wake up and start memorizing my script....... WAIT !! I forget one thing...... My packing !! GOSH !! I'm slow in packing things up and now im gonna memorize PLUS packing my stuff by only TO-MOR-ROW?? Congratulations Winnie.. Lets see can you beat your high score.. Wait a minute.. I don't have a high score on that.. Cz i haven't have so little time for doing so much things before !! Hell no.. But guess what.. I think im gonna screw up this time.... Owh yes.. Sure.. No doubt you got the point.. It haven't been too late.. But HEY !! I DON"T HAVE THE CONFIDENCE NOW !! Do you get my point??!! F !!

So i think you can just conclude myself that.. Yes.. You're right.. I HATE responsibilities.. ACTUALLY.. -.-'

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dang !! - During the holidays ^^

Holidays. Yeah everyone really looking forward to it. Say YES to relax and NO to work. Err.. its exceptional for a part time house-wife k. Yea part time. Wake up just when the sun strikes on my butt everyday GOSH it's just so me hahaha. Enjoy my sleep during the holiday for sure. 10 hours AT LEAST kah3. Call me a spoiled brat please cause that's what i am. *wink*

But still there's one thing that is just so drama about me during this holiday.. which is i DON'T actually prefer to go outing lately. You see making appointment with friends. Meeting up at the same old place. Updating each other about our current status. Yea its fun sometimes, doing this together once in a while. But it will, sometimes, be err.. you know.. B.. O.. R.. yea right BORING when all these while you are the one who is just listening to the Stories and Happy Endings of others. There's the time you start thinking, wondering when is that Mr.Right gonna appear and make others listen to your stories for just ONCE at least.

No doubt im feeling happy for them. Not jealous, i mean.. yea.. im not. Why should i? None of them actually dating with my Mr.Dreamer..... Right?? Owh shit im actually thinking bout him right now and then. DANG !! 'Faced it Winnie. He's in a relationship already and you knew it just keep him out of your mind !!' FINE3 !! But hey, everyone have the right to dream right. Which means he is still my Mr.Dreamer........ *im now on cloud nine and really hoping for a slap from someone to get me back*

See.. its sucks right. Back to the track. I mean, it's pointless to go out meeting up with friends to just sitting and listening to their personal stories which i prefer to be in front of my lappy. go online, check through their FB status, blog walking a little and taaaaadaaaa... i still now their current progress.... Right?? Err.. don't get me wrong im not actually stalking... Am i?? 'Okay i kinda have a feeling that i am.. NOW' which is very --' of me *double triple =.="

My other point is.. Rather than dressing up yourself for just AN outing, you can actually be as ugly err i mean 'natural' as you are at home spending time with your family. And you know what, i realize errrrr i actually JUST realize that i missed out lots of stuff from both my bro and sis. I seldom have a heart to heart talk with my sister which i really miss it NOW. I seldom check on my bro's record book which he often hide it from me for some reasons. You know.. school student. And guess what he actually took it out a few days ago just for me to browse through but eventually i just put it on my dressing table without actually looking at it. GOSH what am i?? Thinking about it i really really feel bad NOW. DANG !! again..

As for my mummy.. "Hows everything back there at your campus?" And i was like "As usual. Normal. Nothing special. Fine" Think about that guys, if we can actually spend our time chit chatting about nonsense things with our FRIENDS why not spending time knowing our FAMILY better. *yeah !! you're absolutely right* And my advice really hit myself straight to my forehead *BAMM*. Lucky that im awake now. DANG !! Lucky? Just awake after 20 years living.. and you call it LUCKY? H-A-H-A-H-A !!

See guys.. Life is short.. So.. just.. stop fooling around and make it meaningful.. with your love ones. If you yourself can't even understands your OWN family, please don't spend another second trying to understand others personal so-called-happy-ever-after-stories.

Love ya mom. Love ya dad. Love ya vian. Love ya joe. And surely....
Happy Holidays to ALL !! With love................<3 ENJOY :))

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


just answer anything that pass through my mind just now thinking that its the last paper and im gonna finish it ASAP !! and yes !! FINALLY !! when the clock strikes 5 i trun to the back and talk as though its my world forgetting that im still in the exam hall hahahaha... really sorry but hey that shows how excited i am u see... hell yeah i should be that excited oke just imagine every batch in the campus already done their papers a few days before some even enjoying their sweet time back home at this moment and yes here we are still sitting here in this boring place struggling for our last paper excited like no one else business and no one even give a damn about it hahahhahhaa crazy but yes i am seriously super dupper excited !! FINALLY !! i can focus my 100% thinking about HOME !!

but yeah something do cut off my mood...THEM... yes FINALLY the time has come and yes its all bullshit if i say that i won't be missing them.. its just a lie if i say that we can still keep in touch so pls don't be to emo.. its just not me if i would just go back and enjoy my holiday that i've longed for without giving them a goodbye hung and kisses.. yes its just not me but i just hate the tears hate that feelings good-byes are always not good for me :( CUT !! you are really not good in acting sad mood winnie remember that so please don't do it now.. OKE !!

just hope that all of you will be strong in facing your future undertakings i know it will be a god damn hard task for you guys since our government just treat us like a toy to be experimented on but its ok i hope everything goes fine on you guys cause when there is a will there surely be a way. whatever happens always wish a bunch of thanks to all of you for the greatest memory that ever happen in my life..

i found the real me.. FINALLY !! ^_^

Saturday, November 3, 2012


doing things that you like will always gives you a different feeling... even you do it on your own.. :) it makes you feel independent rather than lonely.. it makes you feel peaceful rather than quiet.. it makes you feel that you can manage yourself well rather than always have the feeling of forever alone... *remember the troll face?* yeah i mean that kind of expression.. --' #next paper is on the 5th and i'm still relaxing as though it's yeah.

when fingers are guided by instinct

ok. what? dont just look at me like that. i didnt even start yet. ok i know.. yeah.. right.. oh yeah?? fine! sulk! that's all u know!

dear bloggie.. i've been like really away from you for a seriously god damn long long ago in a kingdom far far away there live a beautiful prin%$@&#% #slap !! hello !! get back to our business here.. get rid of the cloud above your head winnie !! blurghhh.. ok. its like a hell yeah useless lifeless and meaningless life there (facebook) scrolling the page up and down for about the whole hour in front of the lappy and the next thing you know the world just keep spinning really fast.. not waiting for anyone and there goes my day.. but still keep on repeating the same routine over and over again.. boring? sure do! but hei! im stubborn! yeah.. regret! that's the best word. it would be better still if i had spend a little time on you everyday at least to express how i feel everyday.. keeping it from memory to memories and smile whenever i get time to read it back. #sigh. im just not mature enough as an elder in the family.. bet my parents gonna be disappointed if they know what am i up to everyday.

what a lucky spoiled brat i am.. wake up at when the sun strikes my butt! last minute work always awaits! not to mention my revison for my finals! loads of movies while the next paper is on??? tomorrow morning !! check on my watch owh great only 4 hours left to rest my mind.. time management sucks! spending time with those unnecessary! screaming out "arrgghh im tension" when every little problem of mine is just because of me! owh how i miss my days with them! i love busy days! at least i know that im not sitting around doing nothing! busy days with the one i care doing the things i love.. i miss those day like seriously dude !! my night is now empty! wish that everyday ends quickly now! no...please don't !! i don't mean end.. just.. hope that time won't flies fast like.. how it suppose to be.. you just don't get it !! i didn't mean to fight what's beyond me i just want my life back !! the time.. on that spot.. where i used to scream whenever i get stressed out.. the time.. on that spot.. where i used to be the other me.. the time.. on that spot.. where i found the real me.. the time.. on that spot.. where i am me.. yes. the time.. when everything was like...........nothing now.

living a life as a bad thinker.. thinks that everyone have bad thoughts about me.. they are the one.. change my perception! i am me when im with them! and finally i found me in my real world and that makes me get attached to them.. thus it makes me sad.. real sad to be apart from them. yes. we can stand independently without them but it won't be the same. the time.. on that spot.. won't be the same.. the way i scream.. won't be the same.. the other me.. won't be the same.. the real me.. i hope it stays.. real. i know i can't.. i can't get back.. just.. hoping that it will be the same.. really hoping...............

generations? i hope we find them.. those who are willing.. not help us by just barely "helping" but help us "sincerely". the talent.. it burns in everyone of you.. why prefer to look through it as though you have nothing.. keep it burns make it flames cherish your every moment with different experience as life is too a stage where every man and women on it are actor. you are already one of them.. so fight for the best.. the best in you.......

also..some words for myself.. reminder.. wake up.. when it haven't ends.. cherish !!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

our journey has just begin ^^

the 1st theater directed by Diyana Aziz...
and it went "fuhhhyooo~"
congretz beb !! we are all proud of you !! 

No doubt...feel different without all our seniors...but still...we have their courage and support~ I believe that they trust us much to take in-charge of the whole thing....thus i won't give up on us - GITA !! 

Nice working under you Diey !! Keep it up !! Ayie......we know that you have your have your ideas in mind....share it it together....we'll make them proud !! Ecah....we'll always be with worries~ Bunch of thanks to our new group of transformer and props.... Welcome to the team...:) Hope you guys stay.... And to the rest....lets continue our long journey just begin tonight~ Each of you had proved that you can do it !! So trust me....we can make it till the end~ :) 

Most of all....lots of appreciation to our seniors for the knowledge and experience that they gave us....and for all the joys and laughter that we once shared will forever be in my mind~ Thanks guys !! :')

#One for all & All for ONE !! 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fated by Him ^^

Its already July and im wondering when can we get our allowance --' But no worries...still manage to survive in this so-called-jungle....hihi~

Today's entry is all about them~ ^_^

"Life means facing unexpected things" Yup !! That's right~ 
Without expecting much...she's finally belongs to him~ God always give us beautiful rainbow after a heavy downpour~ And she really deserve it~ :)
Glad to see both of you together sis~
May God bless you guys forever~ :) 

Actually...its my 1st time attending a Malay wedding occasion...#dont believe?? plss do.... Even witness the "akad nikah" ceremony... Suddenly felt touched when seeing the bride shed her tears~ Tears of happiness...Maybe...I dont know....Wondering what is in her mind that time~ Whatever it is...i really hope that she'll be happy starting from that moment.....:')

Here I am~ 
Right in front of the pelamin >.<

There they are~ 
With the hantaran~ >.<

Flying kisses from us all~ 
 <3 Muaxx muaxx muaxx <3

The last picture of the day !! :)

Sweet couple~ <3
May your new chapter begins...:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

here i am once again ^^

it a looooong gone !! and here i am...once torn into pieces...cant deny it...cant pretend........... ok done !! its my version of kelly clarkson just now.... wonder it starts raining...huhu~ 

well can i describe sem4? 4 words !! SAME OLD NOTHING NEW !! yalaaaa.... old place kuala lipis... nothing new to discover.... which makes me more eager to fly down to KL every weekend...but what to do....$$$$.....huhu~ 

ok....that's me on the first day !!
same old nothing new too~

the subjects this semester are quiet boring... the lecturers are all so-so only... follow the flow laa~

start on the 1st weekend with a busy but yet boring schedule....
kursus manik kayu penerangan...
and here we are~
finally done !!
8 hours doe --'

lots of weekend plans this semester.... and i hope everything goes fine~ 
adios~ ^_^

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr D ^^

currently at home....feel as though im a princess although just two days at am i gonna go on with my diet ?? gosh....cant go on like this...stick to the plan !! DIET !! or else your prince charming wont be kissing you even in your dreams........;p well...told my mom about my Mr.D and guess what..she dont mind....even plan to help me on that...thanks a lot mummy !! love u much !! <3 

nothing much....just plan to follow the flow now....if we're fated,we'll be together...dont hope much...just relax and see how it goes.....:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

weeeeee~ ^^

done my third semester !! weeeeee~ time flies man.....really fast...i mean REALLY~ will start my fourth semester after my 3weeks break....and i'll be going for my practicum next year....waaaaa !! scary~ :( STOP !! why am i being so futuristic? cool man...chilax~ enjoy first~ hihihi 

yiiiiiipieeeee~ that's what i'm waiting for !! as a teacher-to-be..i. really looking forward to school holidays...and this time i really need a good and peaceful break after a hie-wire semester~ my holiday plans?? let me see.......hmmmm..............

NOTHING !! wahahahaha~ relaxing all day long......and for sure.......DIET !! that's my holiday mission !! im serious ok.........bring back my sport shoes just to make sure i won't create any nonsense excuse to not go for a morning jog.....ngee~ 

looking forward to sleep on my new cozy queen-size bed lorh........shift shift shift~ im gonna do some shifting  during this holiday~ after im done...i'll be digging on my 5years old nursery rhymes book, primary story books, children songs and blablablabla for my one-more-year-to-go-practicum --' 

most important thing to do during this holiday is..............................
gossiping with my mom....that's the most interesting part of my holiday...kah3 ;p many things to tell u laa mummy...wait for me k !! >.<

#Have a blast peeps !! Y^_^Y 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

yawn~ ^^

LGA3102....Songs and Poetry~ suppose to be a fun and interesting make it dull and boring.....our friends in other ipg can claim this subject as the easiest one but us?? still struggling...searching for reliable notes for tomorrow's paper.....better be shame on yourself~ prepared for tomorrow's battle !! looking forward to sit for the paper......--' 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

teeeeett !! ^^

addition !! the 15minute "lecture" that u gave us just now didn't even effect me at all !! my mom taught me about model auxiliaries since im to say i don't find your "doa" helps me lorh !! keep that for your "beloved" children k...... 5 of them failed last sem's read that "doa" to them...not us.....we can take care of ourselves~ :)

#want us to respect you?? mirror yourself please~ do respect others FIRST ~ peacenowar >.<

R.I.P ^^

last week tsl3105....this morning tsl3106....thanks a lot for making my life miserable this semester.....appreciate you guys so much...... idea how i manage to string all the ideas into my sentence?? hahahaha.....up-side-down...hie-wire....JUST A PAGE OF ESSAY FOR A 20 MARKS QUESTION !! congretz~ you manage to make me fell like hell that day !!

tsl3106...perrrgghhhh...over-confident !! brap-brap-brap-brap........asking for extra papers??? waaahhhhh~ admire habis !! but time SHIT !! --'

in the end...... "hah?! lesson plan?? i just describe how to conduct the activities only essay form......" FINE !! --' HAHAHAHA~ yea right...laugh....i really deserve that.....
#read the question properly laa stupid !! --'
really hope to score on this paper but..........*watever*...............

ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHH !! how am i gonna maintain my pointer this sem !! 
serve you right winnie !! 2 more to go !! better focus !! cau !!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

crab? crap? watever !! ^^

crap crap and crap.....that's what i do in the hall just now....thank God that i didn't leave anything blank on the question paper.... # 1 DOWN !! 4 more to go !! FIGHTING !! all the best exam guys !! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tension !! ^^

tension siot hari ni !! arrrrrgggggggggh !!  just harap semua bende settle cepat2..........

8th may -- sajak kat dbp
9th may -- kejohanan olahraga #last minit gler !!
10th may -- ceramah hapetah kat dewan besar #wasting my time !!
11th may -- kursus ikatan pengakap #skrg bawu nk wat..gilo !!
12th-13th may -- study........ #konon nye laa !! --'
14th may -- 1st paper !! #im dead !!

malas nk pk daaa pasal sajak !! malas nk pk daaa pasal sukan !! nk concentrate study pada study week yg xmcm study week lngung !! BANGANG !! #siyes tension !! --'

Saturday, May 5, 2012

upin - G.I.T.A - ipin ^_^

a delayed entry for all . . . . . 
GelakItuTawaAku :)

Les'Copaque presents . . .
IstanaBudaya 30April ^^

and here we are
thanks paan...ecah...ayie for organizing this trip :)

hai semue...
saye upin dan ini adik saye ipin
betol2~ ;p

ini kisah kami semueeee..............:)

in the auditorium ~

and we're all ready for the show !! >.<

after the show !!

it was superb !! >.<

i won't be enjoying much without you guys...
no doubt the show was fantastic...
but you guys make it marvelous !! 
really had a fantabulous day out !! 
thanks GITA !! :')


Friday, May 4, 2012

wink ^^

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain. But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. Thanks God :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

dupdap3 ^^

my heart thumping wildly since this evening !! i know myself well....this sign simply means that im missing someone.......but i have no idea who am i missing....--' mummy?? no way....she's the one i called right after i felt this weird feeling...daddy?? he just called me yesterday.......hmm.....--'

hey you !! I MISS YOU LAA !! hahahahaa....... who am i referring to?? no idea......haha ;p

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

lazy ^^

god damn lazy today !!! nothing settle......slide...not done yet....BIG report....still half way hanging....damn !! --' mood off and don't feel like talking to anyone today......and i have no idea what makes me act like this today.......sounds crazy huh....yea....a crazy and lazy girl !! that's me --'

thanks GITA for the wonderful trip to IB yesterday...enjoy it very much !! its awesome !! :) will update about yesterday's trip when i manage to find back my mood......................--'

exam exam're freaking me out !! when am i suppose to make appointments with all of my notes ?? gosh gosh gosh !! can i just not taking my exam this not ready !! !! :'(


Saturday, April 28, 2012

what a relief !! ^^

assignments....BIG...UAK....done !! finally !! relief !! fuuuhhhh

BIG = Cameron Highlands = Awesome !! Great !! Daboom !! Teslianz rockz !! >.<
SJK (C) Brinchang.... Thanks for the memories !!
shop till drop in cameron yesterday !! fill my tummy with strawberries and tomatoes for the whole day !! lovin it !! :) reach campus around 9...struggle on HE notes after a fresh bath....after a few SECONDS................ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................--' cool huh.......yea~ didn't revise anything for my UAK..... #chilax ar ~  --'

UAK = HELL = Blank !! Sucks !! Im dead !!
the most boring subject this semester ----> Hubungan Etnik !! get out of my sight next sem !!
my emotion when receive the question paper................ Undefined ~
CRAP....that's what i do just now in the hall !!
after one and a half hour...emotion ?? still.... Undefined.................. #feeling-less !! 

What's next ?? Karaoke jom !! Paeen?? Set !! Ann?? Set !! Anis?? Set !! Lets rock and roll !! ^_^
off for dinner first !! thanks JGT !! you really contribute a lot !! hihihi ;p just an hour session for us.....not satisfy AT ALL !! but u girls really make my day !! waiting for the next session.....after exam k....:) deal !!

still haven't complete everything in my schedule yet........hmmm.........
30th april..... upin ipin the musical in istana budaya
8th may........ sajak competition in dbp
14th-24th may...... E . X . A . M --'
sem break..... monodrama in perlis

revision?? errrrrrrrrrr.......................
mummy...daddy...i dont think i can make it this semester....plss dont put too much hope k............huhuhu~ sorry.......i didnt have that much confidence for this sem but dont worry i'll still do my best !! :)

#dull pictures.....okimdonebye~ 
mood :: faizal tahir....bencinta !!! ^_^

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

desperate !! ^^

i need u desperately !!
please come to me !!
i can't imagine my world without you !!
i can't even continue my day thinking that you will be away from me !!
please understand my feelings !!
please please begging u !!
i promise u that i'll appreciate u very very much if only u come back to me !!
please dear................................................WATER !!
I NEED U DESPERATELY !! huhuhuhu --'

my life sucks without YOU !! 
bring back my basic needs PLEASE !! :'(

Thursday, April 19, 2012

terima kasih cinta ^^

ketika aku dikecewakan,kau muncul tanpa di duga..
tika aku sediri,kau setia mejadi teman..                 
tika aku duka,kau jadi penawarku..
tika aku resah,kau jadi penasihatku..
tapi ketika aku mula MENYAYANGI & MENCINTAIMU
kau pergi ibarat angin yang berlalu...
terima kasih atas kehadiranmu yang cuma seketika
ibarat sebuah persinggahan dalam hatiku...
akan ku abdikan dalam diari hidupku untuk selamanya....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what i need !! ^^

done presenting on my edu subject !! fuhhhh~ what a relief !! to both of my group mates...thanks a lot for the great discussion and a great presentation just now.....also thanks for my classmates for the active involvement during the QnA session.....enjoy answering all the questions...hee :) need a rest !! need a break !! where?? when?? set a date fast !! i need fresh atmosphere to  make me forget about all the work loads !! i need fresh air to make me track back my breathing rate !! i need fun moments before i start struggling on my revisions !! 
can't continue typing.....i've been seduce by my warm and cozy blue bed with my pooh on it.....ok ok im coming.....have a nice day with a big sunny smile on ur face guys !! adios~ :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

is it a need? ^^

yup !! 100% a YES from me !! we NEED to be hypocrite SOMETIMES to survive in a world full of DRAMA !! :) call me fake call liar call me whatever you want.......i just do what i need to do in order to live a happy life ~ >.<

Saturday, April 14, 2012

weekend ^^

olla cutie sweetie handsome charming....hows ur weekend?? blablablabla.....yayaya ;p

my feeling today....was the feeling that i had longing for....a day where i can do everything i wish.....:)
no doubt...wake up this morning with tons of work...but manage to finish it all by this evening...heee~ 
manage to complete 3 of my lesson plans today...even done printing it out....satisfied !! :D
#what?? teacher is an easy job?? huh~ wanna have a try?? lesson plans drive me crazy u knw --'
weeeee~ no more burden !! hei~ forget something ?? UAK soon study study....arrrgghhhh !! --'
vroom vroom out town.....longing for that too~ but no rempit2 daaaa.....#tragedy haunt my mind...huhu
jog all alone this evening....forever alone?? naaahhh~ love to be alone lately......the feeling was like....the world is all mine....peace :)
My Worst Best Friend by Dylan Sheldon perfectly describe the REAL world of friendship !! #there are no friends forever in this world....agree?? ;p
CSI puts me in a situation that i often dream when i was a kid........investigators are COOL !! they look smart in everything !! even the way the walk.....full of confidence !! i wish i can have that piece of the second they manage to look into every angle of the crime.............felt a sense of relief~~~ #obsessed ....;p

that's my timetable for today.......what next?? a trip to My Disneyland !! hehehehehe....hope for a better tomorrow.......*wink >.<

Friday, April 13, 2012

lucky girl is ME !! ^^

happy friday guys....still able to breath...thank God...:)

received a call just now...Pertandingan Sajak Peringkat Kebangsaan anjuran DBP in Kuala Lumpur on the 8th May...just have the intention to involve again in all these stuff that i had left long ago...and tadaaaaa.....i receive an offer today...what a luck i have...thank God~ :)

 #you are no more the reason why i change :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

flash back~ damn !! ^^

i dont think i'll be able to get over you !! arrggghh !! 
why is there always a someone that keeps remind me of him !! damn !! 

perfectly describe my situation ^^

reality !! :')

ingin ^^

aku ingin bercerita dengan kata-kata
tentang semua kisah-kisah kita
agar semua tak hilang dari ingatan dan terlupa
aku ingin bercerita bukan dengan angka
tentang semua kisah-kisah kita
sebeb semua tak akan terulang meski dibayar dengan semua milik kita
namum sayang . . . semuanya dusta belaka~
p/s :: ilham menyusuri minda hati . . . setelah sekian lama menyepi . . . :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i can't !! ^^

10th April !! yes !! that's the day !! the date that i regret most in my life !! just forget laa !! can't !! damn !!

still waiting for miracle to happen?? dream on !! no way !! hate that day !! if i would have think twice....i won't have a broken heart....i won't have a night full of tears....i won't be regretting day in and day out....again....damn !!

promises ~ ~ ~ u gave it too much........which makes me put too much hope on it and finally you break it just like that..... lies ~ ~ ~ i just realize it.........such a great actor you are !! congretz !! you should have involve in theater.....not me.....huh !!

you have her now.....appreciate !! i wonder if you know the meaning of that word --'

hmmm~ better make a full stop or else i'll tend to curse you like hell .

things happened for us to realize our mistake.....treat it as an experience and get over it........:)

p/s :: people ask me why it's so hard for me to trust people.
i ask them why it's so hard to keep a promise.

Monday, April 9, 2012

girls day out ^^

grrrrrrrrr~ oukei....hope that u guys don't mind if i crap a little before i start k....

hei off your caring towards me point for you to do that.....felt sorry?? you should !! cz there are tons of promises that you haven't granted and tons of lies that you need to apologize.....but its no need for that all.....God knows everything better then me...and i'll just leave it for Him to decide what to do on you.....for this time better go your own way and beware....don't ever cross my lane !! 

done with my crap...let me start on my story~ hehehehe

7th to KL........and here we are..............
sweet...cute...pretty ?? i don't think so...
we are definitely...crazy...silly...annoyed !! hahaha ;p
but we love it cz thats ourselves !! :)

shoot straight to the food court 
had a claypot of yee mee...finally !!
craving for a loooong time~ hee

saw this cute little thing?? 
yeah~ spend quiet a lump some of money for this thing
thank God you are cute
or else i'll slaughter you !!
Viivian Wee.....specially for you girl !! :)

from MPH !!
nice story line !! simple yet interesting ~
thanks government for the voucher....
it fulfilled my needs as a novella~ hihihihi

here i am !! happily in the food heaven !! hahahaha
kenny rogers for my dinner....
blurpppp~ oppsss~ hihihi :)

lets meet our main character of the day
Raihana..... Happy birthday girl !! :)
May God bless you always~ 

here's me and farhana with our little drama~
we look like a happy-ever-after-couple do we?? kah3

happy even without love !!
that's me !! heeee~ >.<

it's me and munie with our short story strip....
check it out !!
the fussy girl is crying and munirah doesn't know what to do with her

huh !! im sulking !! no way im gonna look at ur face...
hmmm...better persuade her laaa~ 

hey you.....don't sulk....don't cry.....
you don't look pretty in that way....cheerup....

finally . . . . . happy together~ <3
peace no war
- the end - 

credit to ann liese~ :)

reach campus around 2am
and i have this !! !!
as my supper~ 
yummy in my tummy....heeee....:)

done with my voucher !! mission accomplish !! thanks girls !! thanks for the day !! i really need a day off and you guys really make my day !! 

and there goes my weekend~ huhuhu..... 
time to start on a new week....and better start on my diet !! put on lots of weight dy !! waaaaa~ 
aja aja fightin !! heeee~ :)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

random ^^

just a random entry.....had my dinner with ann liese just now....met shieda...zai...farah...

shieda :: korg nk g mane ni??
winnie :: g latihan tetater....kat dewan~ #tetibe ase sebak...huhu
shieda :: aik?? korg ad teater ape ag??
winnie :: .................. #really looking forward for the next practice~

kak ita !! fix laa tarikh latihan tuyh !! kak gadis !! anta laa msg !! kol bpe ad latihan ?? huhuhu

low ^^

great day peeps !! today we are going to talk about low...and the opposite of low is?? yup !! u're rite !! high !! 

sincerely speaking....i often have a high confidence in anything i do...and i always have a high expectation on my self...but !! i didn't and i won't mind if anyone of u would like to give any comments cz to helps me A LOT in building up my confidence level to the highest point.... let me stress on again... COMMENTS ?? I DON'T MIND !! thats my style........still....there's a BUT !! 

BUT~ if that person just keep on condemning u often and always give u reasons that are really TAK MASUK AKAL.........i really really CAN'T accept it !! yes !! u are the so-called-big-boss....but not all your points are all correct !! fine !! we admit its our fault !! we get it all wrong......but we re-do it just like what u want....and still its wrong??!! so just ask urself dear it our fault or YOURS ?? answer urself laaa~ *wink.....

never in my life i felt to stuck up with any person~ never in my life i felt that i've loose all my confidence~ im not only afraid to present in his class...but also in every class now~ DAMN !! u make my confidence shoot to the lowest level man !! and thats so NOT ME !! yea~ others might not feel like what i im the kind of girl that will just depends on my confidence to succeed everything.....and u crash it all just like THAT #snapping finger !! GOSH !! i hate the feeling right now......sorry to all my group members.....but i guess u guys better prepare on the next i dont dare to speak much in his class anymore......

miss GITA damn much now !! arrrrggghhhhh ~ dah dah dah !! malas are tacing2 bagai~ yg penting....its always in my heart ~ sarangae <3 :)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

G . I . T . A ^^

~Gelak Itu Tawa Aku~

yup~ ur laughter is my smile.... really thank God that everything went fine yesterday~ its such a wonderful performance with such a great cooperation shown by every members from GITA~ even didn't get to perform a full rehearsal despite all the changes during the last minute....we still able to show the best in front of the sultan... CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GITA MEMBERS !! !! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH !! 

it also ended my March with such a heart wrenching moment....didn't expect that time flies and no longer we are going to be apart~ no more everyday more loud shout from kak more messages from kak more crazy conversation from kak more silly actions from kak more secret talks with kak mierah...not more gossiping with shieda more meaningful melody from kak mek su n kak more................... :'( but what i still have is a STRONG encouragement from all my sisters - kak ita, kak gadis, kak ija, kak sal, kak yel, kak N, kak meksu, kak nad.....and all my fellow siblings - nadira, ecah, diey, ayie, paan and all GITA members...... yes !! even though the moments may be over...but the memories never dies !! <3 :')

i know that one day....we won't work together anymore....all of us have our own commitment....our own busy timetables and schedules....but one thing for sure...our goals are still the same....THEATER !! <3 didn't hope much from all of us....a simple request will do....please don't give up in life and please don't lost contact...PLEASE DON'T !! always keep in touch always keep the faith~ :) 

i once thinking of letting go of GITA just because of him...and it really sounds stupid !! to the rest that thinks that LOVE is greater than GITA...PLEASE STOP THINKING NONSENSE !! LOVE always makes me CRY....but GITA never !! it always makes me SMILE and LAUGH...always make my day !! and most of gives me chance to stand up high and believe that i can life all alone even without LOVE !! because i have THEM !! :')

~G . I . T . A~

Aku...sendiri...menanti...tibanya hari
kau..bagai mimpi...
mencuri..melodi hati

Kita mulakan dengan langkah ini..
usah pandang ke belakang lagi..
ku tak akan berhenti...

Genggam erat tangan ku...
kerna ku tahu ku ada kamu
oh disis...menemaniku selalu...

Kita pandang arah yang sama...
suka duka gelak dan tawa...
Kau buat aku..makin sempurna
teruakan perjuangan GITA

Gelak Itu Tawa Aku

lyric dan lagu by
-Ernyra Michiya & Norfazilah Abd Ghani-

#Teruskan perjuangan GITA :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

birds of the same feathers flock together ^^

saw the title ?? yea...that's the best to describe "them"

saw both of them this morning . . . my mind suddenly flash back on the day he called me . . . purpose ?? throwing out some statement that will backup his friends i guess~ huh !!

truth revealed...n ur statement didn't helped AT ALL....:)

at first kinda wondering...what makes him so suddenly telling me all those stuff that was non of MY business AT ALL....#noted :: guys actually gossip more than girls.. that time i was like...oic...*layan je laa~ --' then rumors spreading all around bout them...with a little bit of here and a little bit of there...i manage to catch a picture of the situation...and in my heart...'guys memang like to keep spare tayar ekkk??' watever !! but...seriously its not good to play around with girls heart just like that...when you like it you keep but when you are bored of it you just so not gentleman at all !! you say you didn't trust her...but hello....question yourself first !! CAN YOU BE TRUSTED ?? HUH !! no answer for that right...i betcha~

No case and her case is totally different... But it just come to the same conclusion --> the guy just need to change the name on their status...but the girl gotta change the whole status !! its sucks man.... And that's what makes me feel like going back in time and push myself hardly in the face !! DUSHX100 !!

things went fine on me after that...yes !! it do take a god damn long time to get over it but thank ok...just ok~ :) she simply told me that "i thought that hE is heartless...but who knows mine is more super duper no heart at all !! " wahahahaha~

that's why...this proverb just suddenly strike into my mind like a thunder during a heavy rain when i saw them this morning~

"birds of the same feather flock together" huh --'

#peacenowar :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

memories ^^

p/s :: I choose to love you in silence..for in silence I receive no rejection.
I choose to love you in loneliness..for in loneliness no one owns you but me.
I choose to adore you from a distance..for distance will shield us from pain.
I choose to kiss you in the wind..for the wind is gentler than my lips.
I choose to hold you in my dreams..for in my dreams you have no end.

- copied --> a smile for you -

mood :: sarangae !! ahakz ;p

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12th ^^

introducing the main actress of the day
mc daa !! !! 

gosh~ it's been quiet a loooooooong time since i last met her.... manage to find time to visit her and thank God she's doing just fine~ 1 thing i'll surely do for her --> pray that she'll be patient enough~ you're a tough girl !! don't trust me k~ trust urself !! hehehehe ;p

and i realize something too~ ida's birthday is on the 12th may...shai's on the 12th jan...and mine's on the 12th dec...means?? we're the girls of 12th !! errrrrrrrrr~ am i annoyed u?? i don't know~ i don't care~ whatever~ hahaha ;p jealous of us?? u should oukei !! no one have this kind of coincidence before....not even once in a life just happens when faith bring us together~ :) keep the faith girls~ >.<

miss snapping lots of pix with her now~ she somehow changed a lil....not used to cameras?? hahaha...what a joke !! im sure u'll get used to it after this !! i'll make sure that !! hihihi ;p whatever it is.....just make sure that u come back on time k....1 year break means ONE YEAR break !! no more extending !! THIS IS MY ORDER !! ;p

just believe that if God bring you to it
He will bring you through it !!

hey girl !! patient is the key to heaven !!
quoted from an expert k...Ms. Wynn ^^,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

sweetie ^^

oukei~ just a quick entry will do... still able to find time to update an entry specially for you... or else it will be a very belated entry i guess~

sorry for not wishing you on that day~
and sorry again for this belated entry~
yea right~ you didn't look any older...
but you simply just look much more chubbier...>.<

May God bless this friend of mine~
May she always be in a healthy condition~
May she be strong and tough in handling everything in life~
May she be happy forever with her love ones~
And may our friendship last long~
Not just today, not just tomorrow, but forever~


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

how? ^^

hey guys~ need some opinion here~ what happen if . . . "please don't tell the others what i tell u k, it's just between us" and you was like keep it safely just for yourself but the next thing you know . . . the WHOLE WORLD knows bout it !! !! very fuck off right !! !! =.="

question~ how can i put any trust on that kind of person anymore??

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

no way ^^

I didn't wish to meet you in any edge of this institute . . . not even wanna talk to you in case if you called or just saying "hai" . . . sorry for the ignorance. Cause i know, every time you talk to me or even look at me, my heart skips and beats and it begins to smile. But for some odd reason, I feel like crying because i knew, deep down inside of you won't feel the same way like me. #why is it so easy for u to forget but not me?? >.<

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

secrets ^^

secrets ?? yes !!
they will tear us apart~

but Shakespeare says, 
don't share your top secret with anyone...
because if yourself cannot keep your secrets...
don't expect somebody else to keep it !!

its  true man~
in my opinion...if God bring you to this~
He can bring you through this...:)

handle your probs like you handle a bike...
you control where it suppose to go
and how it suppose to be...^^

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Monday, February 20, 2012

care ^^

once you have feelings for someone it will always be there.
you may not like them anymore, but you still care :')


hey dude...always care about you...
even silently~ happy forever k....:)

tutti frutti ^^

finally have the chance to taste it after a long season...
craving it like hell lorh~ thanks rachel~ thanks for the treat...
do call me again when you are that you can treat me again~ 

introducing the main actress of the day~
rachel tan . . . . :)

went back last weekend~ just to meet my sweet pie who's back from india~
thanks for the date...
thanks for the time...
thanks for the sharing...
thanks for the advice...
and most of all ~ ~ ~ 
thanks for the treat !! !! ngee~

thought of treating you at the first place you know...cause its my belated present for you...
but it end up to the other way~ sokey laa...i still owe you a present...don't you dare give lots of excuses after this~ wahahahaha XD

the difference is obvious...
but still...the pose never change...
peace no war...^^Y

p/s :: take care dear....anything happen just let it be...cause we can't expect everything to be perfect in this't ever try to be prefect...cause everyone is already perfect in their own way~ just be who you are :) gonna miss you badly after this....i mean it !! huhuhu...take care :') 

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