Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dang !! - During the holidays ^^

Holidays. Yeah everyone really looking forward to it. Say YES to relax and NO to work. Err.. its exceptional for a part time house-wife k. Yea part time. Wake up just when the sun strikes on my butt everyday GOSH it's just so me hahaha. Enjoy my sleep during the holiday for sure. 10 hours AT LEAST kah3. Call me a spoiled brat please cause that's what i am. *wink*

But still there's one thing that is just so drama about me during this holiday.. which is i DON'T actually prefer to go outing lately. You see making appointment with friends. Meeting up at the same old place. Updating each other about our current status. Yea its fun sometimes, doing this together once in a while. But it will, sometimes, be err.. you know.. B.. O.. R.. yea right BORING when all these while you are the one who is just listening to the Stories and Happy Endings of others. There's the time you start thinking, wondering when is that Mr.Right gonna appear and make others listen to your stories for just ONCE at least.

No doubt im feeling happy for them. Not jealous, i mean.. yea.. im not. Why should i? None of them actually dating with my Mr.Dreamer..... Right?? Owh shit im actually thinking bout him right now and then. DANG !! 'Faced it Winnie. He's in a relationship already and you knew it just keep him out of your mind !!' FINE3 !! But hey, everyone have the right to dream right. Which means he is still my Mr.Dreamer........ *im now on cloud nine and really hoping for a slap from someone to get me back*

See.. its sucks right. Back to the track. I mean, it's pointless to go out meeting up with friends to just sitting and listening to their personal stories which i prefer to be in front of my lappy. go online, check through their FB status, blog walking a little and taaaaadaaaa... i still now their current progress.... Right?? Err.. don't get me wrong im not actually stalking... Am i?? 'Okay i kinda have a feeling that i am.. NOW' which is very --' of me *double triple =.="

My other point is.. Rather than dressing up yourself for just AN outing, you can actually be as ugly err i mean 'natural' as you are at home spending time with your family. And you know what, i realize errrrr i actually JUST realize that i missed out lots of stuff from both my bro and sis. I seldom have a heart to heart talk with my sister which i really miss it NOW. I seldom check on my bro's record book which he often hide it from me for some reasons. You know.. school student. And guess what he actually took it out a few days ago just for me to browse through but eventually i just put it on my dressing table without actually looking at it. GOSH what am i?? Thinking about it i really really feel bad NOW. DANG !! again..

As for my mummy.. "Hows everything back there at your campus?" And i was like "As usual. Normal. Nothing special. Fine" Think about that guys, if we can actually spend our time chit chatting about nonsense things with our FRIENDS why not spending time knowing our FAMILY better. *yeah !! you're absolutely right* And my advice really hit myself straight to my forehead *BAMM*. Lucky that im awake now. DANG !! Lucky? Just awake after 20 years living.. and you call it LUCKY? H-A-H-A-H-A !!

See guys.. Life is short.. So.. just.. stop fooling around and make it meaningful.. with your love ones. If you yourself can't even understands your OWN family, please don't spend another second trying to understand others personal so-called-happy-ever-after-stories.

Love ya mom. Love ya dad. Love ya vian. Love ya joe. And surely....
Happy Holidays to ALL !! With love................<3 ENJOY :))

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