Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey mom. Here is me, trying to tell u that, this child of yours is far away from being a successful person.

I dont forgive everyone easily
Even I'm good in listening
But I'm the worst when it comes to advising 
I dont read everyday
I dont write a journal
I dont have a to-do list
I dont have a to-be list
I just talk, but not about ideas
Its all about people
But I dont bring them down
I just make them part of my experience 
Teach myself
To continue
To breath
On this mystery planet
I dont have any ambitious dream
I dont wish to do something incredible
I dont even thought of traveling far away
I just want to teach
Ignoring what others says
And just do my job
Im not a successful person
And I wont be.

So mummy. High hopes often makes me worried
And I guess... they deserve the word "successful"
Not me... :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

love reading his blog. hey girl. u are lucky to have him. he has such ambitious thoughts in building a perfect family. happy to see both of u enjoy each and every second. all the best in future :)
blerghhhh... everyone's in love. ok fine. bye