Saturday, November 9, 2013

ok fine. maybe i watched too much of hong kong drama. but i just felt like i missed something in my life. there's always an empty space which makes me feel ............. "empty?" yes !! --" i dont know. being alone looks cool. looks independent. looks free. but hey. it sucks. sometimes sometimes u just feel like talking to someone. telling them what u had done today even here's nothing interesting.

to know that there's actually someone out there that cares about u. thinks about u. really makes ur day better. brighter. :')

Friday, November 1, 2013

ku lepaskan kau jauh, jauh dari ku~ kerna ku tahu dirimu bukan untuk ku~ maafkan aku terpaksa aku melupakan kamu~ lepaskan semua kisah kita yang lamaaaa~

this song has been accompany me throughout my nights. thanks joker crew production. nice song :')