Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fated by Him ^^

Its already July and im wondering when can we get our allowance --' But no worries...still manage to survive in this so-called-jungle....hihi~

Today's entry is all about them~ ^_^

"Life means facing unexpected things" Yup !! That's right~ 
Without expecting much...she's finally belongs to him~ God always give us beautiful rainbow after a heavy downpour~ And she really deserve it~ :)
Glad to see both of you together sis~
May God bless you guys forever~ :) 

Actually...its my 1st time attending a Malay wedding occasion...#dont believe?? plss do.... Even witness the "akad nikah" ceremony... Suddenly felt touched when seeing the bride shed her tears~ Tears of happiness...Maybe...I dont know....Wondering what is in her mind that time~ Whatever it is...i really hope that she'll be happy starting from that moment.....:')

Here I am~ 
Right in front of the pelamin >.<

There they are~ 
With the hantaran~ >.<

Flying kisses from us all~ 
 <3 Muaxx muaxx muaxx <3

The last picture of the day !! :)

Sweet couple~ <3
May your new chapter begins...:)

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