Tuesday, July 3, 2012

our journey has just begin ^^

the 1st theater directed by Diyana Aziz...
and it went "fuhhhyooo~"
congretz beb !! we are all proud of you !! 

No doubt...feel different without all our seniors...but still...we have their courage and support~ I believe that they trust us much to take in-charge of the whole thing....thus i won't give up on us - GITA !! 

Nice working under you Diey !! Keep it up !! Ayie......we know that you have your aim....you have your ideas in mind....share it out...work it together....we'll make them proud !! Ecah....we'll always be with you...no worries~ Bunch of thanks to our new group of transformer and props.... Welcome to the team...:) Hope you guys stay.... And to the rest....lets continue our long journey together....it just begin tonight~ Each of you had proved that you can do it !! So trust me....we can make it till the end~ :) 

Most of all....lots of appreciation to our seniors for the knowledge and experience that they gave us....and for all the joys and laughter that we once shared together...it will forever be in my mind~ Thanks guys !! :')

#One for all & All for ONE !! 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fated by Him ^^

Its already July and im wondering when can we get our allowance --' But no worries...still manage to survive in this so-called-jungle....hihi~

Today's entry is all about them~ ^_^

"Life means facing unexpected things" Yup !! That's right~ 
Without expecting much...she's finally belongs to him~ God always give us beautiful rainbow after a heavy downpour~ And she really deserve it~ :)
Glad to see both of you together sis~
May God bless you guys forever~ :) 

Actually...its my 1st time attending a Malay wedding occasion...#dont believe?? plss do.... Even witness the "akad nikah" ceremony... Suddenly felt touched when seeing the bride shed her tears~ Tears of happiness...Maybe...I dont know....Wondering what is in her mind that time~ Whatever it is...i really hope that she'll be happy starting from that moment.....:')

Here I am~ 
Right in front of the pelamin >.<

There they are~ 
With the hantaran~ >.<

Flying kisses from us all~ 
 <3 Muaxx muaxx muaxx <3

The last picture of the day !! :)

Sweet couple~ <3
May your new chapter begins...:)