Saturday, November 24, 2012

Responsibilities.... F !!

Hi all.. Here I am.. Again.. Staying up all alone while the rest are snuggling in their beds having their sweetest dream in the universe.. Still keeping my fingers dancing gracefully on the keyboard expressing something just to ease out the pity heart of mine.. 

Yes !! im gonna talk about responsibilities.. For those who don't know me.. im actually dedicated towards all my work since secondary school (im such a loser in my primary, that explains everything i guess) till now.. Yea.. But my inner is actually rebel.. sometimes.. But what to do.. When people around you expect you to come out with some sort of brilliant ideas that will 'wooooaaaaaaaaa' the whole school.. You just HAVE TO do it.. And on the other hand, some might just expect you to screwed everything up into a mess so that the whole wide world will be 'boo-ing' at you and you might probably thinking of running around the school with your faced covered with paper bags and hope that no one recognized you but actually does.. Thinking of that.. You surely don't want to make things upside down.. In that case.. You just HAVE TO do it right !! Headache huh.. Yea.. I was expecting that !! And now.. im facing a huge responsible during my honeymoon holiday and its the WORSE thing that ever happened to me !! It just simply RUIN my holidays !! 

Mono-drama.. Owh yes.. Im all in love with my world of theater of course.. But hey !! Memorizing the script during the holiday is not gonna work on ME !! Okay?? Read my lips.. ITS NOT GONNA WORK !! Im all alone.. No proper practice.. No proper guidance.. No proper encouragement.. Just you all alone struggling to remember every lines on the paper.. And at the end of the day you are going to perform it on stage ALONE !! Why? YES !! Its called MONO-DRAMA right !! So its MONO !! SINGLE !! ALONE !! Plus its not a simple on stage and off stage performance.. Its a COMPETITION !! Now it scares you does it? Well tell you what.. It scares me MORE !! 

Then why am i agree to join it at the first place? Hahahaha... That's the point.. It's not actually my responsibility... It's her job.. She said she want it.. And we (includes me) agrees to join it to support her.. But in the end she was telling that she has this family trip and want me to replace her.. Am i blaming her?? Owh.. Yes ?? No ?? Maybe.. Well i don't know !! Its not right pointing your fingers on others.. Plus it's not the point now.. The focus here is i MUST (no other option) take this responsibility..

When is it? Ah'ha !! That's a good question.. So guess what.. It's this coming 28th im talking about and its 4 days from now !! And well.. im going off on the 25th and that makes me even worry because....... i never even think about the costumes.. the lighting.. the props.. and of course the MAKE UP !! Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh !! Ok lets put it this way.. I've got the audio (but i haven't practice with it.... yet) E'ein is working on the lighting (so i'll cut it off from my list) I'm gonna find my costume by.... well.. lets see... just TOMORROW... And the makeup? (owh yea.. ecah will be going too.. so.. relieve? hmm.. hope so) GOSH !! Props??!!! Fine.... I don't think i'll need it.. Just the help from the costumes and the lights will do.. I hate thinking everything on my own when i actually.... to be telling you that.... i almost.... well to be honest..... I HAVEN"T ACTUALLY REMEMBER MY LINES............... Yes..... I'm such a failure....... Hi-5 to myself  !! :(

And still.. Here i am.. sitting down here blaming this and blaming that and didn't even have the urge to wake up and start memorizing my script....... WAIT !! I forget one thing...... My packing !! GOSH !! I'm slow in packing things up and now im gonna memorize PLUS packing my stuff by only TO-MOR-ROW?? Congratulations Winnie.. Lets see can you beat your high score.. Wait a minute.. I don't have a high score on that.. Cz i haven't have so little time for doing so much things before !! Hell no.. But guess what.. I think im gonna screw up this time.... Owh yes.. Sure.. No doubt you got the point.. It haven't been too late.. But HEY !! I DON"T HAVE THE CONFIDENCE NOW !! Do you get my point??!! F !!

So i think you can just conclude myself that.. Yes.. You're right.. I HATE responsibilities.. ACTUALLY.. -.-'

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