Wednesday, November 7, 2012


just answer anything that pass through my mind just now thinking that its the last paper and im gonna finish it ASAP !! and yes !! FINALLY !! when the clock strikes 5 i trun to the back and talk as though its my world forgetting that im still in the exam hall hahahaha... really sorry but hey that shows how excited i am u see... hell yeah i should be that excited oke just imagine every batch in the campus already done their papers a few days before some even enjoying their sweet time back home at this moment and yes here we are still sitting here in this boring place struggling for our last paper excited like no one else business and no one even give a damn about it hahahhahhaa crazy but yes i am seriously super dupper excited !! FINALLY !! i can focus my 100% thinking about HOME !!

but yeah something do cut off my mood...THEM... yes FINALLY the time has come and yes its all bullshit if i say that i won't be missing them.. its just a lie if i say that we can still keep in touch so pls don't be to emo.. its just not me if i would just go back and enjoy my holiday that i've longed for without giving them a goodbye hung and kisses.. yes its just not me but i just hate the tears hate that feelings good-byes are always not good for me :( CUT !! you are really not good in acting sad mood winnie remember that so please don't do it now.. OKE !!

just hope that all of you will be strong in facing your future undertakings i know it will be a god damn hard task for you guys since our government just treat us like a toy to be experimented on but its ok i hope everything goes fine on you guys cause when there is a will there surely be a way. whatever happens always wish a bunch of thanks to all of you for the greatest memory that ever happen in my life..

i found the real me.. FINALLY !! ^_^

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