Thursday, May 23, 2013

hidup ini penuh dengan pelawak yang menjengkelkan. mungkin. kadang kadang. entah. lawak lawak. lantak. yang penting esok balek esok pulang. sila say bye to this crazy place im sick of this sem all so damn hectic and tiring sem only GOD knows how sick i am with what ive gone through a sincere thanks and a deepest farewell from a stupid me. bye. owh ini malam penuh dengan emosi yang bercapuran maka please abaikan my ayat yang crazy plus bodoh itu. oh ya saya bodoh. sekian.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the word of the day.. huh? day? night kot.. ok the word for tonight.. MALAS !! errrrr... is that the only word in this universe? Nope !! there's another one.. LAZY !! err ok.. so??? emmmmmmmmm.... lazy to continue typing this entry............ is that ok? oppss.. forgte.. u are too lazy to do the thinking.. so... Good Night Mr Lazy !!!! Good Luck for the last two paper !!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

listening to all Whitney's songs makes me feels like........

HOME !! :')

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

thanks mummy for being my teacher ever since i came into this world.. u lighten up my life every now and then.. thanks for the patience and of course the non-stop guidance till i had become what i want to be.. i realize being a teacher is no an easy job.. it needs passion and and surely patience to faced every situation in school.. but u still manage to create that smile on ur face every day after school even u are tired just to listen to our children story in school.. thanks mummy thanks for everything.. i love u.. i miss u :)

And for every single teacher that had taught me starting from my kindergarten until now in campus.. lots of appreciation i gave to all of u.. cz without u guys.. im just an empty bottle seeking for knowledge in the middle of no where.. thanks for all the knowledge.. and sorry if i sometimes dozed off in class.. not because of  the boring subject or the way u guys teach.. its just because im being lazy and sleepy during that moment.. hehehehe

Not to forget to all teachers-to-be.. lets improve ourselves bit by bit.. day by day.. to be come a better teacher.. never try to be the best.. cz its always just enough to be a better u.. u know ur own strength.. all the best in teaching :))

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

please be considerate dear.. yes she sometimes nag.. not sometimes actually.. most of the time i guess.. but its all for us.. she loves us.. she wants the best for us.. although she is repeating the same thing over and over again just bare it for that few hours.. no harm listen right.. why the long face? why the rude reply? why the pointless fight? no motive dear.. just a waste of time..

ego wont bring u far dear.. it will just bring u down.. mistakes? yes !! people does lots and lots of mistakes.. but the good thing of these mistakes is we learn from them.. u make mistakes.. u realize it.. then u do it again.. pointless dear.. learn from it.. improve urself.. u should be better than me.. cz u are always the best among the 3 of us.. but why this sudden conflict?  seriously have no comment on u.. u are too ego.. all u have in mind is that everything u do will turns out right but actually its not and u dare not to admit it.. pls girl pls.. u need to grow up.. 18.. u should be independent by now.. until when u want me to always back u up unnecessarily? if its just the sake of stopping her from nagging i dont mind.. but when she have the point.. i have to agree.. i have to wake u up from ur childhood.. its no more happy ever after life.. u have to face ur own challenge.. ur own war.. cz its ur responsibility.. not us.. we can just support u from a distance.. cz the road is all urs now..

freedom.. that's what u want from the start right.. and now.. u are holding back.. not wanting to run freely.. why?? haih.............. no comment on u laa dear.. whenever i called.. u picked up ur phone with ur lazy tone.. it makes me tired to have a serious talk with u.. cz u will definitely feel bored and sick of hearing it over and over again.. but still same.. u never change.. how do u expect me to sit back and watch the same u doing same mistakes over and over again? grow up girl.. grow up.. and seriously i love u.... so much.... we love u.... so pls... love urself..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

gosh its a great movie
HANDSOME !!! its a MUST for u to watch it !!

#enjoy #study #week #hahahaha

Thursday, May 2, 2013

done with Glee !! 1 thing that i learned.. let go !! let go on what u love.. on what u care for.. and go for the reality.. the one u are sure of.. as for the rest? if it's belongs to u it's urs.. :)) night peeps.. thanks Glee..

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

im surrounded by fakers.. yes !! fake person.. owh yes !! including me !! im fake.. haha and that's the right thing to do.. why?? cz im surrounded with people who like to mind others business.. like to spread words about others.. so the only thing to do is avoid them.. isolate myself.. and when they realize my changes.. i'll be like.. i'm fine.. just awake.. sleepy.. no mood.. or even just a smile will shut them up.. :))

being fake is necessary and compulsory in real life !!

u even fake a smile in front of the mirror just to please urself.. so just imagine.. in order to please the others...... its tiring.. but it helps a lot.. i love faking myself up.. harharhar