Saturday, November 24, 2012

At least..

Still headache about my mono-drama lines... But AT LEAST.. I've done on one thing !!

Hey.. guess what.. I just done reading THAT novel !! And the ending was........ aaaaah.. heart melting.. I've gone through lots of love stories but this one is simply different.. All thanks to Alexander Potter.. the writter for Don't You Forget Me.. Its a story for all the girls who wishes that she never met him.. And yes !! Its suitable to read it when you are dealing with a broken hear.. To all heart breaker out there.. I'll definitely recommended THIS novel to you girls !! It really will change your perception about the guy that you once madly in love with and all you would wish is for a second chance to make things right or even erase and delete and terminate and all the above on those silly crazy memories of yours but on the other hand you thinking that it's not worth it to think about him as your life must still go on with or without him and finally come to an amaze that you can actually life happily WITHOUT him !! It motivates A LOT !! And it REALLY helps !!

Hey Hey Hey.. Don't get me wrong.. I'm not dealing with this situation right now ok.. I was.. But not now.. I actually bought this novel right after I broke up with him.. cz the title and synopsis truly caught my attention.. But I didn't mange to read it during that time.. well.. you know.. busy lying around in bed flashing back stuff that we gone through together.. then.. Well.. when thinking about that.. I would just called himself 'lucky" as I didn't have the mood to noveling during that time.. Or else.. I'll surely be posting lots and lost of crazy motivated stuff which will surely made him feel wrong for leaving me JUST like that.. Hahahahha.. Ok.. I'm completely insane now.. Blueeekkk.. Who cares..

An advice for me to all the girls out there.. Stop trying to change yourself for the one YOU LOVE.. Because there will be SOMEONE out there who will just LOVE YOU for who you are.. Be you and just only YOU !! My point? Hehehe.. Be true to yourself.. :)

A quotes of myself --> Life won't let you lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself.. Life goes on and on.. And bare in mind that we are making new memories everyday.. So enjoy life to the fullest !! >.<

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