Thursday, July 17, 2014


currently in school. yes. school. in the middle of my internship. nothing seems interesting. same routine. bored. my action research? no idea. did everything that i should with the students. no idea when i have the urge to start working on it. my projects? 100% done for English Day. 90% done for he mural. just waiting for the raya card contest to end quickly. arghhhhh.. half done with my relief for today. im gonna continue entered the same class at 12.. which is another one hour from now. honestly im better of with the kids rather than sitting in the stuff room pretending that im into something serious (my action research... konon)

my major problem when im in school is.. i really dont know how to mingle around with the school teachers. maybe because im not one of them yet, makes me feel that we should have a gap in between. its true though. u cant expect me to just suddenly treat them like one of my long lost friend and chit-chatting like the world's gonna end soon. owh pls i just dont know how. and i have no idea how people do. im ok if the topic is about  students in class but other than that... uh-uh. its a big no no. i'll prefer listening. thus.. this makes me look quiet. other than a hmm an oh and a smile on my lame face.. i have no idea what to interrupt. no idea what to share. and sometimes no idea why am i listening. and here's the thing...  just because im quiet doesnt mean im moody or emo or whatever u call it. duhhh i have no reason to be moody out of the blue. so pls.. dont go around telling others that im being moody all day long and u are afraid of me because im quiet. it sounds stupid.

im ok all along. u can just share anything or commenting anything i'll just listen as u wish. but pls. if its about me. myself. with the stupid assumption of urs. i just cant stand it. im tired of having all those straight forward talks. and since im an easy going person. i'll just treat u like an invisible. and wow that makes me feel better. owh. u dont? who cares. i thought u are going great with all ur assumptions. so. carry on. peace yaw...