Monday, March 26, 2012

birds of the same feathers flock together ^^

saw the title ?? yea...that's the best to describe "them"

saw both of them this morning . . . my mind suddenly flash back on the day he called me . . . purpose ?? throwing out some statement that will backup his friends i guess~ huh !!

truth revealed...n ur statement didn't helped AT ALL....:)

at first kinda wondering...what makes him so suddenly telling me all those stuff that was non of MY business AT ALL....#noted :: guys actually gossip more than girls.. that time i was like...oic...*layan je laa~ --' then rumors spreading all around bout them...with a little bit of here and a little bit of there...i manage to catch a picture of the situation...and in my heart...'guys memang like to keep spare tayar ekkk??' watever !! but...seriously its not good to play around with girls heart just like that...when you like it you keep but when you are bored of it you just so not gentleman at all !! you say you didn't trust her...but hello....question yourself first !! CAN YOU BE TRUSTED ?? HUH !! no answer for that right...i betcha~

No case and her case is totally different... But it just come to the same conclusion --> the guy just need to change the name on their status...but the girl gotta change the whole status !! its sucks man.... And that's what makes me feel like going back in time and push myself hardly in the face !! DUSHX100 !!

things went fine on me after that...yes !! it do take a god damn long time to get over it but thank ok...just ok~ :) she simply told me that "i thought that hE is heartless...but who knows mine is more super duper no heart at all !! " wahahahaha~

that's why...this proverb just suddenly strike into my mind like a thunder during a heavy rain when i saw them this morning~

"birds of the same feather flock together" huh --'

#peacenowar :)

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