Sunday, April 1, 2012

G . I . T . A ^^

~Gelak Itu Tawa Aku~

yup~ ur laughter is my smile.... really thank God that everything went fine yesterday~ its such a wonderful performance with such a great cooperation shown by every members from GITA~ even didn't get to perform a full rehearsal despite all the changes during the last minute....we still able to show the best in front of the sultan... CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GITA MEMBERS !! !! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH !! 

it also ended my March with such a heart wrenching moment....didn't expect that time flies and no longer we are going to be apart~ no more everyday more loud shout from kak more messages from kak more crazy conversation from kak more silly actions from kak more secret talks with kak mierah...not more gossiping with shieda more meaningful melody from kak mek su n kak more................... :'( but what i still have is a STRONG encouragement from all my sisters - kak ita, kak gadis, kak ija, kak sal, kak yel, kak N, kak meksu, kak nad.....and all my fellow siblings - nadira, ecah, diey, ayie, paan and all GITA members...... yes !! even though the moments may be over...but the memories never dies !! <3 :')

i know that one day....we won't work together anymore....all of us have our own commitment....our own busy timetables and schedules....but one thing for sure...our goals are still the same....THEATER !! <3 didn't hope much from all of us....a simple request will do....please don't give up in life and please don't lost contact...PLEASE DON'T !! always keep in touch always keep the faith~ :) 

i once thinking of letting go of GITA just because of him...and it really sounds stupid !! to the rest that thinks that LOVE is greater than GITA...PLEASE STOP THINKING NONSENSE !! LOVE always makes me CRY....but GITA never !! it always makes me SMILE and LAUGH...always make my day !! and most of gives me chance to stand up high and believe that i can life all alone even without LOVE !! because i have THEM !! :')

~G . I . T . A~

Aku...sendiri...menanti...tibanya hari
kau..bagai mimpi...
mencuri..melodi hati

Kita mulakan dengan langkah ini..
usah pandang ke belakang lagi..
ku tak akan berhenti...

Genggam erat tangan ku...
kerna ku tahu ku ada kamu
oh disis...menemaniku selalu...

Kita pandang arah yang sama...
suka duka gelak dan tawa...
Kau buat aku..makin sempurna
teruakan perjuangan GITA

Gelak Itu Tawa Aku

lyric dan lagu by
-Ernyra Michiya & Norfazilah Abd Ghani-

#Teruskan perjuangan GITA :)


paan said...

thankz mention my name..huuu sedih nyer..huwwaaa

Cik Gadis ^^, said...

keep in touch dearr !!!

~cik atin~ said...

luv u too winnie gojes ^.~

l u c k y w y n n said...

paan...teruskan perjuangan GITA >.<

kak gadis...keep the faith sis~

cik u three dak ayu ^_^