Tuesday, August 26, 2014

i wish i would just wake up and be in a place where i dont need to go around bumping into others and chitchatting for a few seconds which would somehow turns to minutes and eventually standing there hours just to make urself look friendly. defak

*life sucks when u live ur own life by trying to impress others but thats what people do to live.. in this dramatic world..

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

and yes i forgot.. i have those busy bodies in tweeter. thats y i hate too much of social networking. cz u practically share all ur personal stuff to the whole world and whats the point of doing that. doesnt even solve any of ur prob. not even one. 

here's the point. i just really cant cope with a bunch of big gangs. 2 3 friends will just be enough for me. cz once u are in that particular gang. u practically must follow their schedule. read my lips. MUST. and i hate that. once u missed out any of their plans. they will be like so fucked up upset with u. cmon girls get a life. its just a plan. if i feel like going. i join. if no then pls. dont force. ergh. typical asian girls. should i be more focused. malaysian girls. u guys wanna enjoy. just go. to me. i prefer enjoying with those i wish to make memories with. and those who are worth being in my memory. thats all. if u guys dont mind. pls fucked off. 

*no wonder my cousin enjoys her life so much in singapore. their perspective there are different. just do what u wish. no one give a damn. cool~