Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what i need !! ^^

done presenting on my edu subject !! fuhhhh~ what a relief !! to both of my group mates...thanks a lot for the great discussion and a great presentation just now.....also thanks for my classmates for the active involvement during the QnA session.....enjoy answering all the questions...hee :) need a rest !! need a break !! where?? when?? set a date fast !! i need fresh atmosphere to  make me forget about all the work loads !! i need fresh air to make me track back my breathing rate !! i need fun moments before i start struggling on my revisions !! 
can't continue typing.....i've been seduce by my warm and cozy blue bed with my pooh on it.....ok ok im coming.....have a nice day with a big sunny smile on ur face guys !! adios~ :)

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