Monday, April 9, 2012

girls day out ^^

grrrrrrrrr~ oukei....hope that u guys don't mind if i crap a little before i start k....

hei off your caring towards me point for you to do that.....felt sorry?? you should !! cz there are tons of promises that you haven't granted and tons of lies that you need to apologize.....but its no need for that all.....God knows everything better then me...and i'll just leave it for Him to decide what to do on you.....for this time better go your own way and beware....don't ever cross my lane !! 

done with my crap...let me start on my story~ hehehehe

7th to KL........and here we are..............
sweet...cute...pretty ?? i don't think so...
we are definitely...crazy...silly...annoyed !! hahaha ;p
but we love it cz thats ourselves !! :)

shoot straight to the food court 
had a claypot of yee mee...finally !!
craving for a loooong time~ hee

saw this cute little thing?? 
yeah~ spend quiet a lump some of money for this thing
thank God you are cute
or else i'll slaughter you !!
Viivian Wee.....specially for you girl !! :)

from MPH !!
nice story line !! simple yet interesting ~
thanks government for the voucher....
it fulfilled my needs as a novella~ hihihihi

here i am !! happily in the food heaven !! hahahaha
kenny rogers for my dinner....
blurpppp~ oppsss~ hihihi :)

lets meet our main character of the day
Raihana..... Happy birthday girl !! :)
May God bless you always~ 

here's me and farhana with our little drama~
we look like a happy-ever-after-couple do we?? kah3

happy even without love !!
that's me !! heeee~ >.<

it's me and munie with our short story strip....
check it out !!
the fussy girl is crying and munirah doesn't know what to do with her

huh !! im sulking !! no way im gonna look at ur face...
hmmm...better persuade her laaa~ 

hey you.....don't sulk....don't cry.....
you don't look pretty in that way....cheerup....

finally . . . . . happy together~ <3
peace no war
- the end - 

credit to ann liese~ :)

reach campus around 2am
and i have this !! !!
as my supper~ 
yummy in my tummy....heeee....:)

done with my voucher !! mission accomplish !! thanks girls !! thanks for the day !! i really need a day off and you guys really make my day !! 

and there goes my weekend~ huhuhu..... 
time to start on a new week....and better start on my diet !! put on lots of weight dy !! waaaaa~ 
aja aja fightin !! heeee~ :)

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