Wednesday, February 29, 2012

how? ^^

hey guys~ need some opinion here~ what happen if . . . "please don't tell the others what i tell u k, it's just between us" and you was like keep it safely just for yourself but the next thing you know . . . the WHOLE WORLD knows bout it !! !! very fuck off right !! !! =.="

question~ how can i put any trust on that kind of person anymore??

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

no way ^^

I didn't wish to meet you in any edge of this institute . . . not even wanna talk to you in case if you called or just saying "hai" . . . sorry for the ignorance. Cause i know, every time you talk to me or even look at me, my heart skips and beats and it begins to smile. But for some odd reason, I feel like crying because i knew, deep down inside of you won't feel the same way like me. #why is it so easy for u to forget but not me?? >.<

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

secrets ^^

secrets ?? yes !!
they will tear us apart~

but Shakespeare says, 
don't share your top secret with anyone...
because if yourself cannot keep your secrets...
don't expect somebody else to keep it !!

its  true man~
in my opinion...if God bring you to this~
He can bring you through this...:)

handle your probs like you handle a bike...
you control where it suppose to go
and how it suppose to be...^^

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Monday, February 20, 2012

care ^^

once you have feelings for someone it will always be there.
you may not like them anymore, but you still care :')


hey dude...always care about you...
even silently~ happy forever k....:)

tutti frutti ^^

finally have the chance to taste it after a long season...
craving it like hell lorh~ thanks rachel~ thanks for the treat...
do call me again when you are that you can treat me again~ 

introducing the main actress of the day~
rachel tan . . . . :)

went back last weekend~ just to meet my sweet pie who's back from india~
thanks for the date...
thanks for the time...
thanks for the sharing...
thanks for the advice...
and most of all ~ ~ ~ 
thanks for the treat !! !! ngee~

thought of treating you at the first place you know...cause its my belated present for you...
but it end up to the other way~ sokey laa...i still owe you a present...don't you dare give lots of excuses after this~ wahahahaha XD

the difference is obvious...
but still...the pose never change...
peace no war...^^Y

p/s :: take care dear....anything happen just let it be...cause we can't expect everything to be perfect in this't ever try to be prefect...cause everyone is already perfect in their own way~ just be who you are :) gonna miss you badly after this....i mean it !! huhuhu...take care :') 

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

chocolate brown ^^

weeee~ its us again . . . chocolate brown today~

oppsss~ it makes me think about chocolate ice cream~
yum yum yum ~ when can i get it ?? huhuhuhu~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sob2 ^^

please respects others feelings ~ :)

p/s :: patiently accepts others comments --'
that's the only way

Monday, February 13, 2012

errrr~ ^^

sorry to say....... errrrrrrrrr........ i guess......... i'm........... kinda............. errrrrrrr........... kinda............ famous laa........oppssssss............huhuhuhuhuhu.............never in my life i've been so syok sendiri oukei.............and everything i state surely with a firm reason...........

i dont deny that i WAS famous.....yeah....its a WAS oukei....during school days......if anything pertaining representatives....anything about stage performance...there wont be any names expect WINNIE......--' annoying right.....heard the name also get no other people in this world like that...........but im kinda okey at that moment.......since people pick then i just go laa.....

but starting this year,since i had tons of heavy work loads......i kinda like getting bored in involving all these kind of business.......i tend to keep quiet when others were busy calling out names.......but in the also the one who is chosen.......haish !! why other people already izzit huh?? cant i be a sleeping members of at least a year ?? !! i didnt mind getting involve actively in all sorts of activities but please not as a comity sincerely....i hate commitment lately !! huhuhuhu :(

staring this i was just about to end my second month for this year....i've been nominated twice !! twice u know !! 1st for pengakap and second for my green house !! gosh !! really lack of people izzit?? no more other names ar huh?? or should i change my name?? waaaaaaaa~

what ever it is....already time to get on my feet and be responsible on my work.....fighting !! ^^

p/s :: be positive !! and i know that i can do it !! >.<

expect the unexpected ^^

a picture as a starter ^^

no way we are having SR in lipis right....kah3 ;p story...we went to raub last saturday....and seriously we had an unexpected but yet an adventurous of 1 and a half hour ride there...wonder how do we get there huh?? *its our secret* kih3~ 

oukei . . . . . character of the day ??
exhausted after an unexpected ride ;p

she always looks pretty in any angle ^^

every of her photo looks macho to me >.<

bace bismillah dlu sblm mkn ye :)

she's seriously obsess with her pecan @.@

its us here . . .

and there's them . . . 

don't ever forget this fellow . . . or else he'll lose his tempered ;p

mouth watering huh~ hihihi

finish it in just a blink of eyes...>.<
blurrrrrpppp~ opppss . . . 
not to forget
this little girl . . . >.<

the 5 of them shop lots of stuff which is sincerely not my style....kih3....just manage to shop on a pair of shoes for the use of pengakap...nothing else i guess...and hey....just spend around 100++ only lorh...hihihi ^^ good job !! well done !! means i still have my savings for my next trip to KL !! weeeee~ ;p

p/s :: its gonna be a busy buzzy week
with lots of activities and tons of work loads --'
fighting !! ^^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

laser ?? ^^

i some how realize that im kinda laser when talking...especially while joking...people seems offended when i joke around....just realize ?? nahhhh~ i don't know cz only today, a few reactions make me realize........

1. victim - baba :: eh...what i have to do for the edu subject?? why i don't know anything ??
* "ofcz laa you don't always not in the class what...." #kinda cynical right...--' sorry dude ~ huhu

2. victim - ann :: i was about to bid her goodbye when she suddenly "eh....just a goodbye to ecah only...didn't even say bye to me....:(
* "hellow....i was about to bid goodbye to everyone after i took out my phone ok...since you give me that kind of response...better for me to make dunno laa...." #she just joking around...what the hell that im replying her in that kind of way?? and her look seriously shows me that she's kinda offended...and i know its my fault...

3. victim - eein :: (this happened yesterday actually) i just left aisah alone there laa...she can go back by she always used to be alone what...
* "huh....if like that next time if we go anywhere together...i leave you alone laa in that case...ok??" #she just tend to joke around i guess...but why am i getting so emotional by responding to her like that ??

4. victim - again...ann :: (last night) i scared i accidentally text him lorh....
* "switch off your phone then.....hahahahaha" #we are texting each other...and i receive an "okbai" reply from her...and i was kinda ........... --' am i being too inconsiderable about her feeling in my msg?? huhuhu

p/s :: laser i ?? huhu ;p

Monday, February 6, 2012

still ^^

"I said I'm over you, but every time my phone vibrates, my heart still wishes its a text from you."


waiting --> wasting ^^

just browse through my news feed in fb just now, and came though a status that i like most . . .

~When WAITING become WASTING...its just HOPING that left...what i HOPE is you're happy with her...and i'll pray to God for both of your happiness...because all i promise to you before was, as long as you are happy...i'll be happy too...:'D~ 

*had been edit a little...ofcz suit my situation what~ copy it from the red guy...thanks dude...for this meaningful status :)

to "you know who you are" i mention before....i'll always wish for your happiness....and i really can c that you are happy now....and you know what....she suits you well....appreciate her k....:) good luck and all the best~


Saturday, February 4, 2012

past ^^

"i'm not ignoring you, i'm just waiting for you to realize your mistake and own up to it. if you can't do that, then there's nothing else left to say"

- just realize something out of this quotes, if only i know it then -


tremendous dream ^^

maybe because of too tired last night makes me had a fantastic dream . . .

where should i start ?? hmm . . . i was just hanging out with my friends when one of my senior offer us to a picnic....we just hop in her car and off we go !! weeee~

reaching !! hop down the car . . . getting ready, finding a strategic place . . .

suddenly realize that the place was full with my school mates....i was like - what u guys doing here ?? !! and they were like - picnicing for sure...dunno why everyone was here so we assume its our Chung Hwa batch gathering lorh~ OMG !! COOL !! really had a great chat with everyone during that awesome picnic... catch up each and every details of them in one short time....didn't felt this happy before !! hahahahaha XD

and i really woke up with no regrets !! >.< it really was a tremendous dream i've ever dream of !! thanks guys !! for appearing in my dream !! ahakz ^^

pictures that really brimg back my mem's !! letscheckitout ~ !!

my 5sc1 buddies !! ^^

its me and my girls ^^

random friends from sc2 ^^

my lovely sc4 classmates ^^
*was in 4sc4 before i entered 5sc1*

my favourite history teacher Mr Law A C ^^

our famous chemistry teacher Mr Wong K M ^^
*i wont get an A if not because of him*

and here's our photography teacher Mr Ng aka Ah Sir ^^
*he have a great sense of humor*

last but not least
won't miss her out !! ^^
*the representative of the whole batch*
im proud of her...hehehe ;p

school life really draws back all my memories... 
argue ?? quiet often....
misunderstands ?? never missed....
problems ?? we have each other....
secrets ?? i can count on you....
discussion ?? until the very last minute....
admirer ?? we have tons of them....*famous wat~ ;p
couple ?? its not the right time....
friends ?? FOREVER.....:)

see guys~ just a bunch of silly and understanding friends..we can create an everlasting moment...not necessarily to have any "cool handsome" guy to bright up your life~ ngee~ 

that's why i always say life is stress-less !! cz we enjoy it TOGETHER !! ^_^

pictures ^^


p/s :: hope for an everlasting strength to keep on smiling...a sincere smile  :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

princess charm school ^^

good day kingdom . . . princess wynn says hi ~ >.< and she just announce that we'll be extending our weekend holidays . . . cool huh ~ long live princess wynn !! !! hahahahaha ~ *day dream ;p

here she is
princess in school ^^

#have a good day peeps...enjoy your day wherever you are...:)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

u + s = us ^^

ok fine . . . my jealousy burns !! and i don't have any idea why !! *again~ crap !! ;p

weeee ~ didn't hang out for quiet some time . . . and here we are today . . .


thanks girls ~ for?? everything ~ heee ^^ things always turn out wild when we are together....whatever happens...always there for you guys k~ >.<

#suddenly being attack by mr lazy . . . had tried to persuade him to leave me but he wouldn't !! gosh !! what i'm gonna do ?? 

p/s :: loads of works awaiting . . . cool huh --'