Tuesday, January 31, 2012

her itsy bitsy crap ^^

on a hot and sunny day...where the skies are watery ocean blue...where the birds are cheeping around, flying freely in the sky...where the fan keep spinning on the ceiling...where the lappy hadn't been shut down since noon...there's where a girl start to be emo --'

she prefer to be that way...with the same reason...she still can't fine the "good" in the word "goodbye" can anyone please help her to define that word that often haunted her mind?? she really need it~ *desperate --'

pity girl...im kinda felt sorry for her...yeah...well u c...problems err i mean..."solutions" often bumped onto her again and again...n i believe that she can still stand strong until she told me that "being strong doesn't always means you can handle what's thrown at you, it just means that you're prepared to ignore whatever it is that hurts you" see....in the mids of everything....she can still fine a little bit of light, a little bit of hope, and a little narrow way to move out from all those stressful thoughts...ehhh sorry sorry i just simply mean "cheerful" thoughts --'

i bet he really gave a huge impact in her life...cz ever since she knows him...she's a totally different girl that i used to be with for 18 years...girl...i hope that u'll be tough day by day...or else i really don't mind to accompany you to the gym...ngee~ whatever happens...u'll always have me by your side...

yeah..that's right...impossible for me to leave my own shadow right... so keep my words, i'll always be by your side...cz i am you & you are me >.<

#every starting point will have an ending point . . . it's just a matter of time ~ be grateful that He shows you everything now, or else you'll be worse :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

8th Spring ^^

A girl's most beautiful outfit ever is 
the prettiest accessory is
and the best pair of heels is

its my 8th day of CNY and i try to enjoy it here ~ hopes everything goes well till the 15th day....ngge~ 

p/s :: i have a bunch of friends and i love them . . . . . weeee~ ^^

Sunday, January 29, 2012

what im gonna do ^^

stuck in HERE since yesterday...so...can anyone please tell me what should i do today....idea please ?? huhuhu ~ ok then....lets just crap in this entry.....hope no one mind k....cz its mine....your opinion isn't needed....hehehe *peace no war ^^

i guess a picture will help me to crap more...hehehe ^^
miss u babe >.<

no more silly and crazy jokes....
no more midnight talks....
no more cool stuff to share with....
but for sure....the mem's will always last :)

even plan to complete my sbe in kei-el with you this sem....but i guess im gonna finish it alone in my hometown...kih3 >.< sokey....home is better than anywhere else....;p

surely gonna meet u up on this coming march holiday.....hope everything go smooth on you.....we'll always wish the best for you dear.....^^

no worries k ~ He'll always be there for you :) you just gotta believe in it ~

im gonna have a snap attack on you when you're back !!
better watch out !! hahahaha XD

dragon mood ^^

olla olli guys~ !! 
yeah right~ im still in my dragon mood....so plss don't mess around with me...rawrrr~ !! >.<

oppsss~ sorry2...forget bout my intro,huhu....
hi peeps....HERE i am~ errr....get my point?? i mean HERE....yup....in my beloved wonderland --' cool huh~ my friends are all still enjoying back there...and im HERE....ok fine !! cut it out !! ;p

had been away almost more than 1 week huh~ and i my lil' princess suddenly told me that she can't wait to go through my CNY entry....well girl...this is it~ letscheckitout !! !! ^^

its the 1st day and ofcz we prefer it to be red !! rawrr !! ^^

introducing the 4 princesses of the day ^^
my cousins....i've tons of them...
but i can say that they are the one who's always there for me~
thanks girls :)

its me on the 2nd day !! ^^

cool friends made my day cool~ ^^ all the best guys !!

my style on the 3rd day ~ ^^
im sexy and i know it !! webbbb ;p

we are the three musketeers ~ !! 
profession?? future teacher to be ^^
she's in johor, she's in perlis, and she's in pahang >.<

kinda simple on the 4th day~
reason?? someone just suddenly switch off my mood --'
*technical problems arise...suppose to snap with all my cousins but....err...i dunno....haha*

dragon year....helps me realize lots of little tiny winy things...:) and i bet all of u should have agree that "its those little things in life that reminds you of everything" so?? my point?? enjoy every little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things :)

thanks mom....thanks dad....thanks sis....thanks bro.....and most of all thanks a lot God.....im blessed to have them with me all these while....love u miss u ^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

fade ?? never !! ^^

thanks dude ~ thanks for the text ~ some words simply just meant for me to keep alone ~ but i really glad that u still find an effort to keep in touch with me and i really appreciate that ^________^ thanks a bunch ~

p/s :: always in my mind ~ never fade :)

almost spring ^^

yeah ~ few days left to start the spring season !! and im currently listening to my favourite new year song ~ thanks roomie jazzlin for creating such an environment this night ~ love u . . . hope that u'll have a good fortune in this year of dragon !! >.< thanks for everything girl . . . im blessed to have u as my roomie :)

RAWRR !! !! 
it means . . . happy chinese new year !! !! >.<
ngee ~ 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

red is bad ^^

bad ?? we are good ok ~ *are we?? hehehe ;p

the super trio >.<

p/s :: they said "good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught"

i guess it precisely describes us ~ ngee ;p

Friday, January 13, 2012

hakuna matata ^^

hi peeps !! im flying back to childhood years today !! weeeee~

hakuna matata ~ its my problem - free philosophy
*wink2 >.<

while settle-ing the slide for literature's tutorial . . . listening to some kind of children songs . . . really bring back my mem's ^^  then listening to some bedtime stories . . . and guess what . . . i really slept while listening . . . hahahaha ~ what a baby >.<

*yawing* yeah2 ~ woke up to continue on princesses songs . . . weeeee ^^

start on with aladdin and jasmine - a whole new world ^^

follow with ariel the little mermaid - part of your world >.<

move on to mulan - reflection :)

many more disney songs . . . but these 3 are my favourites *wink2 ~ miss the moment i used to rewind all the disney tapes just to watch it over and over again . . . and sad to say . . . the tape record spoiled . . . and there goes my collection on disney movies....--' i even memorized all the lines in the story . . . superb rite . . . hahahaaha ~ i was so damn fanatic with it during the days . . . . 

"the moments might be over, but the memories last forever" :')

p/s :: craving for tutti frutti in the middle of no where . . . hahaha ;p

Thursday, January 12, 2012

- E . M . O - ^^

ok guys....a :') conversation....
anyhow . . . im still strong . . . thanks God :)


Girl : Your new Girlfriend is pretty
*thinks in mind
(She really is)

Boy : Ya she is...!!
*hope this comes into his mind
(But you are still the most beautiful girl i know)

Girl : I heard that she is funny & amazing
(all the stuff that i wasn't)

Boy : Sure she is....
(But she is nothing compared to you)

Girl : Well I hope...you both last...
(We never did)

Boy : I hope you do too....
(What happened to You & Me...???)

Girl : Well...I gotta go....
(Before i start crying)

Boy : Ya me too...
(I hope you don't cry)

Girl : Bye....
(I Still Love you & Miss you)

Boy : See you Later..
(I Will Never Stop Loving you....Never Ever)

p/s :: she'll never find the "good" in goodbye ~ ahakz !! ;p
emo entry --' CUT IT OUT !! !! >.<

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

yellow mellow ^^

" homo sapiens are weird "
that's my statement today :)
ok . . . full stop ^^

i appreciate u guys much . . . i really do . . .
with lots of love and hugs >.<

ann . . . my lil' princess . . . :)
wei . . . my cute sis . . . ^^

* words keep playing in mind . . just a smile will help *
p/s :: be grateful, thank God :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

pinky winky ^^

checkidaut !! it our pinky winky day !! ^____________^

thank God ~ i guess my new year resolution is gonna work out ~ but still didn't hope too much ~ 
* fighthing !! *

Sunday ?? ^^

yeah guys . . . answer the question please . . . it is sunday today ?? huh~ i don't think so . . . suppose to be rainday lorh~ --' wait for the rain to stop just to vrooom to get my lunch . . . ouh im sorry tummy . . . u've been suffering and i knew that . . . and because of u i HAVE TO vrooom out although it still rains --' thank me ^^

mission of the day ~ accomplished !! !! weeeeeeeee~ guess what . . . done all the tutorial and isl for my metho subject !! what a relief ~ ~ fuuuuhhhh ~ >.<  my aim for this sem :: settle all the work ON TIME !! HAHAHAHA !! !! funny huh ~ ~ believe it or not . . . i really mean it ^________^

oukei . . . the main point is . . . im gonna start my class tomorrow . . . hmmm~ excited ?? naaaahhhh~ NOT AT ALL !! !! cz i prefer to be AT HOME !! !! huhuhuhu :( it ok winnie . . patient ~ ~ *fine . . . . =.='

** oke !! !! got fed up !! !! my bb sulk !! !! dunno what happen to him !! !! and it makes me sulk even more !! !! u wanna play rough ?? fine !! !! i'll just leave u alone !! !! currently on date with Mr.W ~ ~ adios !! **

Saturday, January 7, 2012

december girl ^^

oukei guys...gladly to say that this is my 1st weekend here...since im bored, it makes me eager to tidy up my room --' *yeah rite...eager huh ~ and well...check it out..........

cool huh !! !! ^____________________^

yeah...this is it....my paradise.....hihihi ;p plus i've done arranging all my last sem's notes....settle my MQA file !! !! finally.......yeay !! ^^ 

ok then...back to my topic...december girl....receive some belated presents from my course mates...lets take a look . . . . . weeeeeeeee ~ ~

it's from kak sai . . . thanks sis ~ and i guess im gonna put that picture soon....^^

it's a fresh roasted almond gold milk choc . . . from my beloved wei . . . thanks sweety !! ^^ 
its still in my drawer . . . i'll finish it once i recover from my soar throat k~ huhuhu

this lil' brooch is from aini....she really knows that i love these kind of things...and i straight away wore it to class the next day....hihihihi~ thanks aini >.<

these are only the belated ones......the precious ones?? i guess u guys cant get it anywhere..limited edition....and its specially only for me.....hihihihi ^^ 

no one can replace them !! !! ^________^

sad to say....that's the end of my december.....and seriously " I LOVE DECEMBER " weeeeeeee ~ ~ ^^ and that's why i tend to listen to Taylor Swift's Back to December when i miss all those fun.......huhu

that's all for now i guess . . . . . 

this is Winnie Wynn reporting from a peaceful land named "Paradise" --'

Thursday, January 5, 2012

friends ~ no sorry no thanks ^^

hey girl . . . that's what friends are for laa . . . cheer up~ yeah...kinda sad cz u leave without saying a word nor a hug...maybe u scare to burden others but listen here...cut out all those sorry and thanks k....i receive much of that from u these few days...and i don't want it next time...cz that's what friends do...helping each other...and i'll always be there when u need me k...feel free to text me and im willing to lend u a hand....:)

yup...life is tough...life is not fair...but we can make it great by looking beyond the the imperfection...think positive...what goes around comes around...and God surely have His own reason...keep moving on and don't give up...believe me, later u will find that its worth holding on....^^

to the lil' princess who always cheer me up....*you know who you are ;p keep the faith k.....:) i really appreciate our friendship *as though u don't know kaannnn~ hihi ;p and i hope that it will last forever.....BFF !! >.<

p/s :: yeah~ i know...its sounds emo...but sorry to say 


take care ~ be tough ~ miss u 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3rd sem degree . . . ^^

im finally here =.=' yeah great . . .

everyone's talking bout homesick . . . so i guess i better don'y mention bout it . . .

arrived yesterday noon actually...can't believe....im finally here...oukei then...just 2weeks class then im home again...*hope time flies and stop on the week of CNY ~ dream laa u...--'

well...didn't really fully switch on my unpack mood yet . . . but never mind...i still have my weekends...and guess what, i've already done packing those clothes that i wanna bring back during CNY....excited right...hahaha !! ;p

being here ?? well...i miss my friends...that's why i didn't care much although im actually hating to be here.... hate huh ?! hmm...dunno laa...this time i really feel different when thinking bout coming here...it feels sucks...and it makes me sick !! and i really hope that i can go through this sem...

start missing my family much...what to do?? being with them for the whole holiday...

we are family !! !! i've got all my sisters with me....
lalalalalala~ *alvin and the chipmunks version >.<

and also my cousins . . . especially the lil' one....vanny !! !! cece nie missing u le....be a good girl k...:)

she looks cute with her "ugly face" ^^
c u during CNY sweety !! :)

class starts tomorrow....and im gonna start my resolution starting tomorrow....
remember winnie..."kill them with a smile and bury them with your success"
yeah . . . !! that's what im gonna do starting from tomorrow~ 
so problems.....plss beware with me...i wont be nice on you...but i'll still be glad if u do show out...at least u'll encourage me on and on . . . ^^ well...B+ >.<

so guys ?? ready to be back to school ?? better do . . . 

p/s :: 3 more years to go ~ fighting !! >.<