Sunday, April 28, 2013

Him :)

The most mischievous kid in class.. I punish him once and he start to behave even worst after that.. attention seeker betol laa kamu ni aiman !! always get on my nerves.. and he knows that i'm always angry at him.. 

But... he's the one who react differently when i said that it is my last class with them..  When i asked the class to keep quiet.. he will be the one repeating that to his friends.. Always peeping through the stuff room after that.. during recess.. after every class.. even after school.. "Nanti sape nak ajar aiman tulis cantik2 lepas ni?? Teacher datang laa hari isnin tengok kitorang.." Gosh.. i really hold my tears when talking to him.. 

Received 3 "love" letter from him during the last day.. Kinda touch.. cz he's a remedial student.. very poor in his writing.. and yet.. he manage to write "ten kiu miss wee" 

Aiman.. teacher will not be around starting this monday.. and i really hope that you will be a good boy after this.. no more naughty2 in class k.. Really hope that u manage to improve yourself.. :')

#It feels great to be a teacher.. Thanks God.. for giving me this opportunity..

and that person is you.. thanks dear friend.. miss u :')

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

it's not the broken dreams that break us.. it's the dreams that we dare not to dream..
 - dream big.. someday it will turn to reality.. it just need some time.. and of course.. some effort -

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

suddenly feel like walking and playing under the heavy downpour just now.. so i just follow my instinct.. after that feeling quiet melancholic when the rain touches my skin.. i miss her.. miss arguing with her.. miss laughing with her.. miss being crazy with her.. miss out night talks.. miss our movie marathons.. hmm.. she started receiving interviews from all kinds of scholarships lately.. meaning she will be away for her studies later.. who will be welcoming me with the "cool" expression when im back for my sem break? who will be asking me silly questions out of sudden? who will be tickling me when i wake up late after this? WeeViiVian !!!! u are much more independent than me.. i know that.. just kinda worry for u cz u are not matured enough.. especially in ur friendship.. hope u'll be a better u from time to time.. i wanna be back for u !!!!! cz i suddenly realize that i tend to over looked ur problems recently by expecting that u can handle it urself.. just be urself k.. stay cool (as usual..) things happened to make u realize they are ur pals or merely JUST friends..

#be back for u dont worry !!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


hey there . . . not feeling well huh? take good care of urself k !! make sure that u dont skip ur meal.. and drink plenty of plain water k . . . errr.. i guess u know how to take care of urself rite.. so i better stop mumbling or else it will sound like a grandmother.. no way !! im not that old !!!! oke.. stop with the crap !! TAKE CARE REST WELL !! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

the number 6 is specially for u Miss WeeWinNie !! 

because when u think less.. u'll surely smile through ur day.. a sincere smile :')

a sudden feeling of guiltiness.. dude.. sorry if i made u feel uncomfortable.. i'll only appear when im in the mids of probs but u are always there.. sorry if i've hurt ur feelings.. didn't mean to..

Friday, April 19, 2013

i miss being with u.. i miss our talk.. i miss laughing with u.. shortly.. i miss you !!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

lazy !!! crazy !!!

im starting getting lazy now !! the moment i start open my rph book i started yawing.. gosh !! its not even 12 yet.. its not sleepy !! its called lazy !! read my lips !! LAZY !!! huhuhu.. gosh winnie pls dont start that.. stay focus !! pls !!!!! 2 more week.. just 2.. one.. two.. not more than that.. mr lazy.. im begging u.. pls dont knock on my door.. pls dont.. dont even pass by my mind.. cz u will definitely persuade me to follow ur flow.. pls pls pls... or else i'll kill u !!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

#huhuhuhu... need my mood !!!!!


have a sudden feeling to post an entry for this person .. hey handsome !! can i be honest with u .. im missing u badly laa hahahaha .. oke .. kinda awkward right lalalallala .. just abaikan my statement k !!

hey !! we have 2 more weeks to go !! better do ur very best for the last observation !! be the CUTEST teacher in the world.. eh no.. in the universe.. and even the galaxy !! hahahhaa.. 

nothing much actually.. so i'll stop here then.. finish up ur work and SLEEP !! rest well !! night.. bye !! 

#better appreciate bcz this is my first entry ONLY about u !! stay tune for more hahahahha 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

last night.. i had this dream.. and i was like "damn!!" pls dont wake me up.. its the best dream ever !! dude... i hope everything is going all right on you.. just remember whenever you need a friend you have me..

#kinda disappointed.. but its ok.. used to it.. he have his own reason.. adios !!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


thank God for providing some space for me to breath.. fuuuhhhhh.. hectic week.. hectic days !! who said that its easy to be a teacher? damn tiring u know !! its ok to be physically tired, i used to it.. cz after a long nap it will definitely gain back my energy. but when u get mentally burden with all kinds of plans and activities in your head.. sleeping is absolutely NOT the best solution.. it may haunt u in your dreams.. trust me !! i experienced that !! huhuhu

nothing much to tell..i've already wrote everything in my rph reflection.. and i simply dont want to repeat the same thing over and over again.. its just a waste of time.. n totally crazy.. but what i realize.. its fun to be a teacher.. u will eventually meet some kids that reflects yourself.. it really brings back that memories.. :)

gotta go !! cant hold my eyes open.. adios !!