Tuesday, April 3, 2012

low ^^

great day peeps !! today we are going to talk about low...and the opposite of low is?? yup !! u're rite !! high !! 

sincerely speaking....i often have a high confidence in anything i do...and i always have a high expectation on my self...but !! i didn't and i won't mind if anyone of u would like to give any comments cz to me....it helps me A LOT in building up my confidence level to the highest point.... let me stress on again... COMMENTS ?? I DON'T MIND !! thats my style........still....there's a BUT !! 

BUT~ if that person just keep on condemning u often and always give u reasons that are really TAK MASUK AKAL.........i really really CAN'T accept it !! yes !! u are the so-called-big-boss....but not all your points are all correct !! fine !! we admit its our fault !! we get it all wrong......but we re-do it just like what u want....and still its wrong??!! so just ask urself dear sir......is it our fault or YOURS ?? answer urself laaa~ *wink.....

never in my life i felt to stuck up with any person~ never in my life i felt that i've loose all my confidence~ im not only afraid to present in his class...but also in every class now~ DAMN !! u make my confidence shoot to the lowest level man !! and thats so NOT ME !! yea~ others might not feel like what i felt.....cz im the kind of girl that will just depends on my confidence to succeed everything.....and u crash it all just like THAT #snapping finger !! GOSH !! i hate the feeling right now......sorry to all my group members.....but i guess u guys better prepare on the next presentation.....cz i dont dare to speak much in his class anymore......

miss GITA damn much now !! arrrrggghhhhh ~ dah dah dah !! malas are tacing2 bagai~ yg penting....its always in my heart ~ sarangae <3 :)

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