Saturday, March 9, 2013


First of all.. Thanks Anis for lending me her lappy for A WHILE... #a while only oke winnie.. so u better be quick !! Haha.. ok ok !! Thanks again.. Love you Anis.. :)

Its been a hectic semester for me.. starting from the day i accept the challenge to lead my group of junior with their theater "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast". Sincerely.. i didn't have the guts to say NO cause they really need someone to help them around.. And to me, this maybe would be the right time i start to try out something new.. something that i've never done before.. "Directing"

Things get worse.. Problems occur.. Tense and stress often accompany me in my sleep.. Woke up the next day feeling fresh for just A WHILE and then start on with those problems again.. My senior once told me.. Don't take it as a problem.. but face it as a challenge.. Ok fine.. That's my choice so that's my challenge . for me to be stronger.. for me to be wiser.. and YES !! I am now.. #I suppose.. Hehehe..

Also thanks to him.. who is willing to hear all my problems from the start.. I owe you A LOT dude.. Thanks.. Thanks.. and Thanks.. He's the one who make me feel a lot better when i'm in the mid's of problems.. He's the one who gives me solutions to face it.. Arrrgghhh.. I don't know how to pay it other then thousands and millions of THANK YOU..........

To "Him".. pls don't have any awkward feelings if im willing to do anything for you.. pls don't make it as a big deal.. Cause you have done your part as a friends by helping me out.. and it's my time to repay you back by doing my part as a friend.. in helping you out.. in any situations.. Cause that's what friends are for..

Hope that everything will go according to my plan.. and also hope that THEY will give their full cooperation until the end !! Go PRECAELS !! You guys can do it !! :)

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