Thursday, March 21, 2013


tonight is the last night im with them.. feel kinda sad though.. why not.. even they often get me on my nerves but still that's the memories between us.. the tears the laughter the talk the jokes.. that's priceless.. my friends asked me.. what u get from spending all night with them? dont you feel tired doing things that didnt bring any benifit to u? well.. i just manage to answer them with a smile:)) no doubt.. they are the reasons of my tense and stress.. but what i get from them is an opprtunity.. an opportunity for me to find the real me.. the opprtunity for me to create the other me.. the opportunity for me to become a new me.. i often think that i cant manage to handle all these bullshits before.. but now its all done !! small matter.. problems arise with the solutions behind.. it just the matter of finding the right one and solve it together.. that's what i get from spending all night with them.. :)) tired?? benifit?? one thing for sure.. i wont feel tired in doing things that i love.. oh yeah.. directing is just so not my type but theater.. its always a part of me ever since.. and i will put my 100% into it.. even its acting.. assisting.. directing.. or even just helping.. and since i still manage to complete my assignment on time even im in the mids of handling them.. i can just conclude that.. seriously.... i have a GOOD time management.. thats the benifit that i get !!! i found out my own strength... hehehehe.. ;)

guys... appreciate the road that you guys had been throuigh..make it worth it.. pay back all the hard work that you guys had gone through all these while.. its not hard being the best.. trust me.. i cant say much just now cause i know my limit.. u might be seeing me in tears then.. and i dont want that.. u guys have had enough from me.. and the only thing i want you guys to know is that i really appreciate each and every moment we spent together.. thanks for the cooperation that u guys had given me.. thanks a lot.. glad to be working with u guys.. :') i just hope that ayie can manage u guys well in riau.. give him ur fullest cooperation and make it a history.. u only have a chance to live once in life.. so make it great !! :))

nothing mush i guess.. didnt have the real time to continue emo-ing thinking about u guys.. assignments are still hangging half way.. shouting my name.. force me to finish it by today.. so i guess i'll just pen-off here.. ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE !!! best of luck PRECAELS !! :D

#special thanks to kak ita for puting the trust in me.. appreciate that so much sis :)