Thursday, March 28, 2013

8feb-17feb - CNY !!! ^_^
20feb - kem musical
22feb - merentas desa
25feb - BIG
1mac-3mac - betau
4mac - LGA staging
11mac-14mac - olahraga
1april - praktikum

oke... that is roughly a draft of my crazy timetable for the past few months.. it is listed on the 23rd january 2013.. 09.01am.. and turns out that i've finally come to the last bit of it.. and that's my PRAKTIKUM session !!!! gosh gosh gosh.. i can feel butterflies in my tummy now !!! waaaaa... nervous babe !!! huhuhu.. wonder how will it be on the first day.. during the observation.. don't dare to imagine it... huhuhu

oke winnie.. relax winnie.. think positive and everything will be fine.. :) *deep breath* oke.. im relax now.. going back there on friday?? hahahaha.. its not a joke ok.. im serious.. oke --' mindset !! where the hell are you now?? many things can be done ok.. you can make your full preparation for your schooling.. settle up your assignments quick.. need not be worried by rushing here and there on the monday.. ok !! let head back there now !!!!!! opppsss..over-reacted.. hahaha.. 

till now.. still cant believe that im already in sem5 this year.. its all happen too fast.. 1 and a half years to go.. fuuhhhh.. hope everything will be fine for the next 3 sem.. :)

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