Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From the bottom of my heart

This entry is decicated specially to my one and only.. Mummy.. Im really truly sorry mom.. I should have realize your good intention for me.. you always think for me but eventually i over-looked it.. I just brust it out to you without thinking about your feelings.. But still.. you just remain patience and forgive whatever happens.. I didn't even say "bye" before hangging up.. That's so rude of me.. Seriously I'm truly SORRY for what had happen.. I'm still acting childish after some times.. I dont know.. Maybe its because of my tense over here that makes me brust it out on you.. It shouldnt be that way !!! I should have to manage my feelings well.. Especially to you...

Mummy.. Im actually facing lots of problems over here.. and I have no one to share with.. I really wish that I can share it with you.. Just that I didnt manage to find the right time.. When we talk..it seems that all those problems just fly away from my mind.. I feel a sense of relief when talking to you.. Which makes me not to bring up any issues in my mind.. I just wanna remain that way.. The sense of relief when im with you.. I love you mom... Seriously.. I seldom say that to you lately.. I realize that.. But thats the fact..

I love you.. Im sorry.. Thank you.. These three phrases that you thought me since im young.. It will always be my magic words throughout my life time.. :)

Mummy.. I really really miss you NOW.... Just feel like hugging you and never let go.... Miss you mom.. SERIOUSLY !!!! :'(

#free free kene chop sombong tadi.. padan muke ko winnie.. tulaa lain kali senyum.. berusaha untuk fake-kan diri !!!!

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