Sunday, March 24, 2013

currently sitting in front of my desktop finishing my assignments.. what?? still with the assignments?? yeah... well i think i should thank those who are willing to faced the lecturers and postpone the due date.. or else we will all surely be like zombies on the last friday.. ahahha.. also.. being home alone for the second day.. what to do.. didnt have the urge to go out wondering around.. my brother is out of town busying with this schedule of squashy tournament.. didnt even have the change to spend time with him during this break.. all the best kiddo.. its ur last year in primary.. break a leg k !! :) my sister is busy with all her applications.. meeting the teachers.. asking around for scholarships.. blablabla.. normal.. i've been there.. mummy?? focusing on viivian's stuff... :) she should be... daddy?? as usual.. busy with his work.. no holiday expect fridays.... which lives me alone here.. right now.. this moment..

hmm... wonder what is going on in riau this time.. saw everything that they posted on FB.. quiet smooth so far.. hope that the they manage to adapt with the lighting and the audio system over there.. rehearse as much as u guys can.. adapt urself with the stage over there.. and perform well tonight !! always with u guys.. :))

having a little conflict with myself lately.. Crush.. it helps to motivate urself.. to be better.. day by day.. in order for him to have a good impression on you.. but the fact is that he dont even realize ur existence.. and that hurts... a lot !!! so now.. i tell myself.. be cool.. limit yourself.. he's not yours.. and will never be.. so just act normal.. remain the friendship.. rather than turning into strangers.. cz that will hurt u even more !! conclusion??  let it just remain what we have now.. not more.. not less.. trying to ignore what is in my mind now.. and focus on something more important.. live life to the fullest !! :)

#dream on.. it wont happen.. never..

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