Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thanks sis for putting the trust on me.. I appreciate it I really do.. But I really felt a whole lot of burden right now.. Thinking back every word that u said.. U open a chance for me to challenge myself.. I accept that challenge.. And now I start doubting my ability.. I didn't do this before.. Never.. I don't know how to start.. Yes, I have my friends.. I have them around.. But... I don't know.. Its me.. Me myself.. I didn't have THAT talent of leading people.. U want me to try.. Yes I can.. But even I haven't start trying, I keep on thinking on the consequences.. What if I fail to do it.. What if things get worse.. What if I didn't manage to get everything settle?? I just want to be who I really am now.. I don't even give a damn if they have their own probs.. But with THIS task.. I gotta know everyone's problem.. I gotta find out.. I got keeps gotta solve for them.. And sincerely I hate doing that.. And I don't know whether I can go through this or not.. 

If keeps playing in my mind right now.. What is the first thing I'm gonna tell them on Sunday.. Its a Sunday stuff and I'm thinking it RIGHT NOW !!! Get my point??? Its just so NOT ME !!!!! And being the lead to the both of them.. I feel myself like a peanut.. Nothing !! Both of them are much better then me.. I don't think I can get things right.. Like seriously !!! Gosh Winnie.. What are you thinking when u make your decision just now?? Just to make them satisfied? And abandon your own feelings? Gosh !! I really screw everything up !!

Ok fine.. Things happened.. Decision has been made.. Just go on with the flow.. Get things right.. Prove that you can.. That's the only way now.. No turning back.. No regrets.. 

#Wish that someone is here for me NOW~

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