Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hi there 2013.. Hope u'll be nice to me and better be more than usual cause i've started missing my family now.. Damn !! Not only my family.. My queen-sized bed.. My hot shower bath.. My dad's jokes.. My mom's breakfast.. My sis's night talk.. My bro's crazy look.. Damn !! Maybe its because of the too much time spent.. Who cares why !! The fact is that i missed them !! 

Wake up in the middle of the night realized that my sis is not beside me makes me feel that im in the other world.. It sounds childish and yes, im the eldest but yet.. I still have the right to behave like a child don't you think? I'm my mummy's baby girl what......... ;p

Snuggling on my single sized bed wondering what are they doing back there... Oh gosh.. it's killing me !! Im too attach !! Too depend on them !! But that's what we call family right? 

My quote of the year?? Simple.. Your future starts TODAY !! NOT TOMORROW !! Ngeeee~ And i'll make sure that im gonna get things done this semester cause i bet it will surely be a tough semester to go through !! But seriously.. I need someone to remind me to be FOCUS every single day.. Or else i guess i'll be hanging around some where doing something that im not suppose to be doing.. Example.. FB-ing 24/7 !! Gossip-ing nonsense !! Movie-ing the whole day !! Lepak-ing without noticing that time flies !! Out-ing although it's unnecessary !! But hey hey hey.... Blogging would be on my 'to do' list okay.. it's exceptional this year !! Heeee...

Still still still......... didn't manage to achieve my every semester's aim.... dean list... I'm too far from it.. and my mom still never stop hope.. and i'm also haven't stop dreaming about it.. Well.. they said that dreams are yet to come true.. and i do hope it's really true.. Struggle for it babeh !! 

Oh well.. I do realize that my entry is quiet boring.. yeah.. nothing interesting to talk about.. U see a single girl with a single life.. what do u actually except it to be right.. Those unnecessary stories can just get the heck out of my way.. And maybe because of my simple life.. i find it hard to talk to people nowadays.. its oke.. i'll suit it myself.. u take the lead and i'll follow the flow.. it would be more easier that way..

Its getting late and i'll better get off before i start not feeling sleepy.. 
The best?? I'll be waiting.............. :)

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