Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wake up in the morning feeling healthy.. and as usual having a simple breakfast.. while thinking of a heavy lunch.. And I saw my senior posted some dim sum as his breakfast !!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa !!! Suddenly feel a rush of hunger in me.... It looks tempting I tell you.. As tough calling me to have a bite of it.. Mummy............ All sorts of Chinese food suddenly flows into my mind....

Of course.. This would be the first thing that strikes in my head !! - DimSum !! Once you had this.. you will feel a fresh starts awaits you for the day.. Taste it while its hot plus a warm sip of Chinese tea is definitely a great combination on a fresh morning.. Gosh I wish I could have this now !!

Since a wealthy breakfast is your choice to start the day.. So you surely want your lunch to be a little light.. In that case.. I'll prefer Kolo Mee.. It won't blow up your tummy.. Just the right amount to keep you working without listening to the music in your tummy..

As for dinner...... I present to you........ Tadaaaaaaaa~ Bak Kut Teh !! Came back from work feeling tired and wish to boast up your energy to continue with your house hold chores? This is the solution.. Fattening? Small problem.. Add in more vegetables into it and it will me more healthy.. Plus.. its a perfect dish for all ages.. Your parents and the in-laws can have it.. Your children will be enjoying it.. And of course you'll be satisfied !! 

Damn !! I want these NOW !!!! #Sob3~

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chia fen said...

yer, i oso want to eat all those food la