Sunday, January 6, 2013


Attach means to bind by emotional ties, as of affection of loyalty.. And speaking of emotional ties and loyalty people normally will relate it with, of course, their own family. Other than that, it's also the friendship that we tend to reacted emotionally.

Ok.. I'm super formal in my above paragraph.. Just hope that you guys manage to get my point.. What im actually trying to say is.. Most of us usually tend to attach with our family and friends.. At this point, let us put the family thingy out for a moment and focus it on the friends.

Specifically, me myself is formally the kind of friend who believe in things like loyalty and trustworthy in friendship.. So I will treat them the way I want them to treat me... But.. as life goes on, I've learnt more.. Im still treating them that way of course.. but speaking of 'the attachment' between my friendship.. I would prefer to lessen it a little bit... just little... Reason? Well.. I'm not sure with anyone out there but for me.. I might have to start agree-ing with my mom that "there's no BEST friend FOREVER in this world" You can have friends, for sure, but not BEST.. because? As usual.. 'the best is yet to come' #I don't think im straight to the reason

Ok, the reason is that......... Fine.. a situation.. when im in my primary.. i have my so called best friend.. but when i move on to my secondary.. my best friend is not the one it used to be during my primary.... but it doesnt mean that we had lost contact with each other.. still remain as friends for sure but didn't hanging out quiet often.. but it doesnt matters.. who care much when we were just some immature kids in school.. I start thinking that maybe that's not my BEST friend cause yeah.. people won't change BEST friends right.. because it's FOREVER.. Therefore im still in my searching-for-a-best-friend mood.. #Still.. disagree my mom's opinion..

And as time goes by.. we meet more strangers.. some are meant just to be passengers and some are meant to be known closer.. Then it starts.. we tend to get more attach to each other.. #Teenage usual. When we move on to our tertiary lives.. it happens again.. We found a better one in the new place.. that's our best friend then.. And we start wondering........ what will happen next? You see.. when you get too ATTACH.. you start wondering.. and that wondering makes you suffering.. You will be thinking stuffs like.. " 'will they get offence if....' 'will they felt uneasy if....' " The 'IF' thing really bothers me a lot !! Like seriously !! The problem is just 'the attachment'.. and the solution is 'don't think too much'

Still can't see the connection?? Okay.. you see.. once you stop thinking TOO much a.k.a nonsense.. you tend to over looked things.. and that's when you loosen the ties of attachment.. And since you don't attach much.. means you wouldnt mind whether that friend of yours is doing anything without your notice.. and to be more precise.. you wont get offended easily.. Conclusion.. your life is stress-free !! And its a good thing !!!!!!! FOR SURE :D

Thus.. I really would like to thank my mom for that long-ago-advise.. 'You didn't actually explain much mom so please don't be too proud k..hehe #joking.. But thanks for letting me find out myself.. It makes me trust you even more.. Love you mom..' And I would be proud to tell everyone that.. I'm STRESS-FREE !!!! :)

And I believe that in any new places.. we will definitely found the BEST for us.. cause its the faith that bought us together.. But hey.. Trust me.. it won't be FOREVER.... *wink

p/s :: Everyone needs a friend.. Everyone should appreciate a friendship..
My advice.. Watch out of the attachment.. And life a happy lifestyle.. :)

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