Sunday, January 6, 2013

that girl

She's cute.. She's sweet.. She's friendly.. She's nice.. That's what I know about her.. She comes to me when things goes wrong.. She tell me stuffs when she feels like telling.. She keep silent whenever she wants.. She is just her..

To me.. She is innocent.. She thinks too much.. She though that everyone would acted the way she wants.. She's always unpredictable..

She seems quiet lately.. She posted emo stuffs frequently.. She seldom talk.. Her smiles fades.. She's secretive this time.. And as usual.. I won't be approching her.. Cz I knew that.. She'll tell if she wants to..

But thinking back the moments makes me feel that she's a bit weird.. She starts the fights.. She ends up like nothing matters her.. She caused chaos among us.. She turns out to be cool after that.. I just can't figure out what's her motive and what's actually in her mind...

Hey friend.. If you ever need someone I'll definitely be there for you... But pls... don't ever go out and tell  them that you have no idea what you've done then..... Its kinda embarrassing...

But still.. I'm happy to be your friend.. Know why? Because I didn't care much.. I just hope you to be happy and be the girl that I've known before... Love you friend :)

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