Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm being professional enough by helping your group of "golden child" with their staging once.. And I'm still continue it with your following class.. thinking that we are actually did the same course anyway.. so I didn't mind much in helping them, which I treat like my own siblings.. Plus.. me and my bunch of friends are still learning during that time.. I tried to work under you.. to test on my professionalism.. And it turns out that.. mission accomplish.. I'm professional enough.. (as a teacher)

And you.. on the other hand.. full of hypocrite.. I don't mind that you are acting nice in front of me or what so ever.. But.. plssss.... Let by gones be by gones.. PLEASE...... About what my group of course mates had done to you.. it's just a very itsy bitsy minor mistake.. minor problem.. So.. plss don't keep thinking it as though we owe you something BIG which makes you rejected our class.. Come on man... You are OLD enough to think.. Forget about my other course mates.. I'm just talking about you and me.. If I can professionally corporate with you to make BOTH the staging went smooth and fine.. Why won't you be PROFESSIONAL enough to forget every past that happened and start a new beginning???? No one lives in the past FOREVER dude !! --'

I got a call.. Someone told me that you are going to meet us.. I was like "Owh.. I didn't receive anything from him" "In that case.. I don't think you're involve" That someone told me.. Ok fine.. Better still.. I hate being disturbed during the early semester.. Then........ Suddenly......... Out of the blue....... I was asked to attend a meeting for THE THING that I'm not involved... Fine... I went there.. For my friends sake.. And what??? You want us (meaning..include ME) to conduct some practice for them to refresh back what they had done??? I don't mind about helping them.. Seriously... But the thing is.. If you want my help.. Please come to me.. I didn't want you to respect me.. NO !! It's just a matter of MANNERS... And since you just called both of them for help.. Then just let THEM lead.. I'm out of this.. I had ENOUGH of PROFESSIONAL thingy with you mister !!

p/s :: you'll never have my respect.. pls take note

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