Tuesday, January 31, 2012

her itsy bitsy crap ^^

on a hot and sunny day...where the skies are watery ocean blue...where the birds are cheeping around, flying freely in the sky...where the fan keep spinning on the ceiling...where the lappy hadn't been shut down since noon...there's where a girl start to be emo --'

she prefer to be that way...with the same reason...she still can't fine the "good" in the word "goodbye" can anyone please help her to define that word that often haunted her mind?? she really need it~ *desperate --'

pity girl...im kinda felt sorry for her...yeah...well u c...problems err i mean..."solutions" often bumped onto her again and again...n i believe that she can still stand strong until she told me that "being strong doesn't always means you can handle what's thrown at you, it just means that you're prepared to ignore whatever it is that hurts you" see....in the mids of everything....she can still fine a little bit of light, a little bit of hope, and a little narrow way to move out from all those stressful thoughts...ehhh sorry sorry i just simply mean "cheerful" thoughts --'

i bet he really gave a huge impact in her life...cz ever since she knows him...she's a totally different girl that i used to be with for 18 years...girl...i hope that u'll be tough day by day...or else i really don't mind to accompany you to the gym...ngee~ whatever happens...u'll always have me by your side...

yeah..that's right...impossible for me to leave my own shadow right... so keep my words, i'll always be by your side...cz i am you & you are me >.<

#every starting point will have an ending point . . . it's just a matter of time ~ be grateful that He shows you everything now, or else you'll be worse :)

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