Sunday, January 29, 2012

dragon mood ^^

olla olli guys~ !! 
yeah right~ im still in my dragon plss don't mess around with me...rawrrr~ !! >.<

oppsss~ sorry2...forget bout my intro,huhu....
hi peeps....HERE i am~ errr....get my point?? i mean my beloved wonderland --' cool huh~ my friends are all still enjoying back there...and im HERE....ok fine !! cut it out !! ;p

had been away almost more than 1 week huh~ and i my lil' princess suddenly told me that she can't wait to go through my CNY entry....well girl...this is it~ letscheckitout !! !! ^^

its the 1st day and ofcz we prefer it to be red !! rawrr !! ^^

introducing the 4 princesses of the day ^^
my cousins....i've tons of them...
but i can say that they are the one who's always there for me~
thanks girls :)

its me on the 2nd day !! ^^

cool friends made my day cool~ ^^ all the best guys !!

my style on the 3rd day ~ ^^
im sexy and i know it !! webbbb ;p

we are the three musketeers ~ !! 
profession?? future teacher to be ^^
she's in johor, she's in perlis, and she's in pahang >.<

kinda simple on the 4th day~
reason?? someone just suddenly switch off my mood --'
*technical problems arise...suppose to snap with all my cousins but....err...i dunno....haha*

dragon year....helps me realize lots of little tiny winy things...:) and i bet all of u should have agree that "its those little things in life that reminds you of everything" so?? my point?? enjoy every little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things :)

thanks mom....thanks dad....thanks sis....thanks bro.....and most of all thanks a lot blessed to have them with me all these u miss u ^^

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