Tuesday, April 23, 2013

suddenly feel like walking and playing under the heavy downpour just now.. so i just follow my instinct.. after that feeling quiet melancholic when the rain touches my skin.. i miss her.. miss arguing with her.. miss laughing with her.. miss being crazy with her.. miss out night talks.. miss our movie marathons.. hmm.. she started receiving interviews from all kinds of scholarships lately.. meaning she will be away for her studies later.. who will be welcoming me with the "cool" expression when im back for my sem break? who will be asking me silly questions out of sudden? who will be tickling me when i wake up late after this? WeeViiVian !!!! u are much more independent than me.. i know that.. just kinda worry for u cz u are not matured enough.. especially in ur friendship.. hope u'll be a better u from time to time.. i wanna be back for u !!!!! cz i suddenly realize that i tend to over looked ur problems recently by expecting that u can handle it urself.. just be urself k.. stay cool (as usual..) things happened to make u realize they are ur pals or merely JUST friends..

#be back for u dont worry !!

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