Sunday, April 28, 2013

Him :)

The most mischievous kid in class.. I punish him once and he start to behave even worst after that.. attention seeker betol laa kamu ni aiman !! always get on my nerves.. and he knows that i'm always angry at him.. 

But... he's the one who react differently when i said that it is my last class with them..  When i asked the class to keep quiet.. he will be the one repeating that to his friends.. Always peeping through the stuff room after that.. during recess.. after every class.. even after school.. "Nanti sape nak ajar aiman tulis cantik2 lepas ni?? Teacher datang laa hari isnin tengok kitorang.." Gosh.. i really hold my tears when talking to him.. 

Received 3 "love" letter from him during the last day.. Kinda touch.. cz he's a remedial student.. very poor in his writing.. and yet.. he manage to write "ten kiu miss wee" 

Aiman.. teacher will not be around starting this monday.. and i really hope that you will be a good boy after this.. no more naughty2 in class k.. Really hope that u manage to improve yourself.. :')

#It feels great to be a teacher.. Thanks God.. for giving me this opportunity..

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