Sunday, April 7, 2013


thank God for providing some space for me to breath.. fuuuhhhhh.. hectic week.. hectic days !! who said that its easy to be a teacher? damn tiring u know !! its ok to be physically tired, i used to it.. cz after a long nap it will definitely gain back my energy. but when u get mentally burden with all kinds of plans and activities in your head.. sleeping is absolutely NOT the best solution.. it may haunt u in your dreams.. trust me !! i experienced that !! huhuhu

nothing much to tell..i've already wrote everything in my rph reflection.. and i simply dont want to repeat the same thing over and over again.. its just a waste of time.. n totally crazy.. but what i realize.. its fun to be a teacher.. u will eventually meet some kids that reflects yourself.. it really brings back that memories.. :)

gotta go !! cant hold my eyes open.. adios !! 

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