Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Snaky Year~

1st of all.. Thanks dad for paying my broadband bill.. Hihi..
2nd of all.. Good day to all.. Pls seat bck and enjoy my CNY entry.... :)

Yes indeed.. Im enjoying my every second at home for the pass one week.. Its heaven !!!!!!
The moment I reach home.. Its already late.. Nothing to talk about cause im already in my dream by 10...
The next day.. New Year Eve.. as usual.. Yearly routine.. Praying occasion.. After settle everything we went for our hair cut.. Just merely trimming my hair.. Make no big difference.. hahahha...

Waiting is kinda boring so.. this is what we do.......

Head back home to prepare for our reunion dinner.. Nothing special.. Just a few normal dishes.. But its great to have everyone sitting together enjoying the meal.. I love them.. And I really miss all of them NOW.... :')

Its us on the New Year Eve...:)

1st day of CNY !!!! The day every kiddos in the family will be waiting for.... excluding me pls.. Im too 'matured' to be called a kiddo.. kah3 ;p Well.. our tradition...

Ang-pows from our parents 1st.. Its a MUST !! >.<

Next... of course laa snap-snap-snap !!!! Hihihi

Gong Xi Fa Chai...:)

Her 1st day pose.. Kawaii~

He's doing that just because I asked him to.. Haha~

The best thing on the 1st day is ang-pow collections.. hahahhaha... The rest? so-so only lorh....
Nothing special for this year.. just like the year before.. spending time a my granny's.. pillow talk with cousins.. 2 words to describe -- As Usual~

2nd day.. 

Let me refresh back.. Hmmmm.. Oh of course.. Receive a bunch of visitors.. Welcome2.. Lets snap-snap-snap~ ;p
And this.. My cousin.. And we have a great combination !! :D

Those are all of my family members from my father's side.. Kinda large number of them.. But not that close.. Hee~ Its ok.. New Year is the time to meet up.. Know each other better.. Love you guys~ 
P/S :: They spend their whole day at my house that day.. 

3rd day !!!

Going crazy with her !! ;p
Going emo ALONE !! Ahahahha~

4th day !!
Emmm.... Nothing much~

5th day !!
We're all in BLACK !! 
#We didn't plan on that k~

On the 5th day.. we're having an open house at my grandmother's place.. A bunch of kids with their crazy acts.. A bunch of teenagers with their silly talks.. Also a bunch of adults with their hilarious jokes !!

Im kinda close with my cousins from my mother's side.. their age gap is quiet close to me.. #Hehehe.. This two pictures really reminds me of everything on that day.. P/S :: Keep the laughter.. Forget the tears~ :')

Photography session is a MUST in our family~ :D

6th day?? Visiting my friends.. Pictures?? In my memories.. Hahahaha.. Kinda rushing actually on that day.. so didn't even manage to take a pic.. Btw.. Happy CNY friends !! :)

7th day.. Mom and Dad starts working.. Me?? Spending my whole day with the two of them.. 
And here we go.................

Seldom bringing both of them out TOGETHER.. Its either with him or her.. We kinda like SHOULD go out quiet often.. Being crazy together.. Cause that's what we'll be in our mind later.. when we grew up.. :) Love you Vian.. Love u Joe.. <3

My last meal at home.. 
Spaghetti vs Pizza~ Yum !!

That's all for my Snaky Year.. Till we meet again on March.. Adios Amigos !! :))

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