Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Im tired of being the one handling every situation. Seriously tired. My friends are either the second or the youngest or the only daughther in the family and i was like the one who always get to make all decisions. I wish to just follow the flow sometimes. Take a break.. especially from always being the patient ones.. hearing them out and what not. What i dont get is that they always got to say what they wanna say.. and i'll just listen despite them throwing every single temper on me.. im used to it. But when things goes the opposite way.. they will be the one complaining that im too emotional im this im that. Cmmon.. im always the listener and is it wrong for u to sometimes hear me out? Its not like i will be bothering u forever. I just need that few minutes to tell what i suppose to tell. Well i guess that maybe i was meant to be only the listener in every relationship. Cz whenever i kept my thoughts to myself.. things seldom get complicated. I've experience that.. most of the time.. in most relationships.. and i guess i just figure out what am i.. after all these years of late night thoughts. Wow !

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