Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Handling a relationship is hard. Put aside couples and just range the scope only among family and friends. Its already complicated. Even among families, we fight, we quarrel, we disagree at each other. One thing different about family is that, no matter what was in the past, it turns out well during the present. Despite just pretend just for the elder's sake, at least we care. Friends? Hmmm. Yes we fight, even with our best ones. But not those mouth to mouth kind of fight, its more towards some sort of cold war. And yes when we disagree we start gossip. Make faces is the most common thing friends do, so not a big deal.

See ! Just these few simple relationship seems complicated.. I dont know how people sees it but to me.. every relationship needs commitment. If one cant even manage to overcome their own family and friends relationship.. how can they ever step into the so-called-more-than-friend-relationship ??? Question yourself. Have you ever figure out how to manage your own time with your family? Your friends? Ok lets narrow it down a little, best friends? Perhaps?

I dont know... perhaps i should question myself often

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