Saturday, February 4, 2012

tremendous dream ^^

maybe because of too tired last night makes me had a fantastic dream . . .

where should i start ?? hmm . . . i was just hanging out with my friends when one of my senior offer us to a picnic....we just hop in her car and off we go !! weeee~

reaching !! hop down the car . . . getting ready, finding a strategic place . . .

suddenly realize that the place was full with my school mates....i was like - what u guys doing here ?? !! and they were like - picnicing for sure...dunno why everyone was here so we assume its our Chung Hwa batch gathering lorh~ OMG !! COOL !! really had a great chat with everyone during that awesome picnic... catch up each and every details of them in one short time....didn't felt this happy before !! hahahahaha XD

and i really woke up with no regrets !! >.< it really was a tremendous dream i've ever dream of !! thanks guys !! for appearing in my dream !! ahakz ^^

pictures that really brimg back my mem's !! letscheckitout ~ !!

my 5sc1 buddies !! ^^

its me and my girls ^^

random friends from sc2 ^^

my lovely sc4 classmates ^^
*was in 4sc4 before i entered 5sc1*

my favourite history teacher Mr Law A C ^^

our famous chemistry teacher Mr Wong K M ^^
*i wont get an A if not because of him*

and here's our photography teacher Mr Ng aka Ah Sir ^^
*he have a great sense of humor*

last but not least
won't miss her out !! ^^
*the representative of the whole batch*
im proud of her...hehehe ;p

school life really draws back all my memories... 
argue ?? quiet often....
misunderstands ?? never missed....
problems ?? we have each other....
secrets ?? i can count on you....
discussion ?? until the very last minute....
admirer ?? we have tons of them....*famous wat~ ;p
couple ?? its not the right time....
friends ?? FOREVER.....:)

see guys~ just a bunch of silly and understanding friends..we can create an everlasting moment...not necessarily to have any "cool handsome" guy to bright up your life~ ngee~ 

that's why i always say life is stress-less !! cz we enjoy it TOGETHER !! ^_^

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