Monday, February 13, 2012

expect the unexpected ^^

a picture as a starter ^^

no way we are having SR in lipis right....kah3 ;p story...we went to raub last saturday....and seriously we had an unexpected but yet an adventurous of 1 and a half hour ride there...wonder how do we get there huh?? *its our secret* kih3~ 

oukei . . . . . character of the day ??
exhausted after an unexpected ride ;p

she always looks pretty in any angle ^^

every of her photo looks macho to me >.<

bace bismillah dlu sblm mkn ye :)

she's seriously obsess with her pecan @.@

its us here . . .

and there's them . . . 

don't ever forget this fellow . . . or else he'll lose his tempered ;p

mouth watering huh~ hihihi

finish it in just a blink of eyes...>.<
blurrrrrpppp~ opppss . . . 
not to forget
this little girl . . . >.<

the 5 of them shop lots of stuff which is sincerely not my style....kih3....just manage to shop on a pair of shoes for the use of pengakap...nothing else i guess...and hey....just spend around 100++ only lorh...hihihi ^^ good job !! well done !! means i still have my savings for my next trip to KL !! weeeee~ ;p

p/s :: its gonna be a busy buzzy week
with lots of activities and tons of work loads --'
fighting !! ^^

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missnuyu... said...

heee i am not obsessed with that! 'he' just seduce me with his taste. hahaha! and i see my fruit punch there! XD