Monday, July 6, 2015

As usual.. i step in my first class on Monday.. 5M..

As usual.. Monday = spelling day

As usual.. i continue introducing the topic of the day..

As usual.. translate.. for easier and better understanding.. GTM is totally a must.. ease ur burden..

As usual.. various level of students.. so i prefer to go average.. no too fast for the average ones.. and not too slow for the better ones..

As usual.. i assume everyone was doing fine during the lesson..

Suddenly.. she cried.. complaint about her headache.. and was given the permission to rest..

After class.. she came to me.. explaining her main reason..

She cried.. cz she couldnt catch up on the topic i taught..

#inhale #exhale

It took me a few seconds to regain my mind back to the reality..

Dear teachers.. mistakes were made as we teach.. stop chasing on the unfinished syllabus.. take a closer look.. they are screaming for help..

p/s :: im sorry dear.. i'll make it up on u.. thanks for realizing me :')

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