Friday, March 7, 2014

Yea. I know I'm not suppose to be blogging at this moment. I have my observation tomorrow and of course tons of school stuffs to be settle before the weekends. But hey, i just need a time out. So this is the only moment. 

Okay. I've gone through my 6weeks practicum in Jerantut. One word. SUCKS. Yea right. The only time that i enjoyed much was the time i spent with my year 4 kids. They somehow manage to cheer me up during that one hour lesson everyday. Thanks kiddos. xoxo !! 

My weekends were incredible up till this moment. And i wish it reminds that way.. cz i really need my day off despite the 5 hectic and miserable days in school.

Follow the flow and take it easy. I hope im still alive after this 3 months. 

Okay its already 1.. daaa

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