Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

thanks mummy for being my teacher ever since i came into this world.. u lighten up my life every now and then.. thanks for the patience and of course the non-stop guidance till i had become what i want to be.. i realize being a teacher is no an easy job.. it needs passion and and surely patience to faced every situation in school.. but u still manage to create that smile on ur face every day after school even u are tired just to listen to our children story in school.. thanks mummy thanks for everything.. i love u.. i miss u :)

And for every single teacher that had taught me starting from my kindergarten until now in campus.. lots of appreciation i gave to all of u.. cz without u guys.. im just an empty bottle seeking for knowledge in the middle of no where.. thanks for all the knowledge.. and sorry if i sometimes dozed off in class.. not because of  the boring subject or the way u guys teach.. its just because im being lazy and sleepy during that moment.. hehehehe

Not to forget to all teachers-to-be.. lets improve ourselves bit by bit.. day by day.. to be come a better teacher.. never try to be the best.. cz its always just enough to be a better u.. u know ur own strength.. all the best in teaching :))

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